Handmade Sewing Buttons

Sewing buttons have been around for ages… small bits of something-or-other attached to clothing to secure flaps and closures. It was inevitable that they would eventually become objects of craft and beauty. The golden age of buttons probably started in the late 1600s and extended well into the late 1800s, when fashion dictated elaborate and sometimes very specific designs. Buttons have been made out of almost every conceivable kind of material, but here at Broadbottom we use the metalworking facilities at Shire Post Mint and concentrate on that particular aspect of buttonmaking that relates to metalwork and specifically coining technology.


Our button designs are based largely on fantasy coin designs. They are struck in small numbers in brass, copper, or silver on hardened steel dies that have been made for the purpose, and are backmarked to show their origin. Due to the traditional methods we use they may have an antique appearance even though they may be almost brand new!

Whether you are seeking a set of buttons to adorn a favourite vest or to hold suspenders on workpants, or simply wish to enjoy them for their beauty and subject matter, Broadbottom will be able to serve!


You can go directly to the  Online Store  if you’d like to purchase some of our buttons. Not all the buttons below have been uploaded to the store, but most are available by contacting us directly by email. We also have many new designs not shown. Feel free to inquire if there is some specific type or material or subject that you are seeking.

And the purpose of it all?
This is all for fun and enjoyment! Broadbottom Buttons are used in costuming to lend a sense of tangibility and realism to the fantasy worlds of the imagination. They are also used in the field of button collecting where the multiplicity of designs and textures helps people put together cards of buttons based on a theme or concept.

Fantasy Coins

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