So, what brings you here?


George R R Martin’s




Patrick Rothfuss’

Kingkiller Chronicles





Robert Jordan’s

The Wheel of Time



Or Maybe you’re here for one of our historical fiction coins…


The term “fantasy coin” is a technically precise term in numismatics… referring to items that appear to be a coin, but which were not actually issued by any real-world authority as a medium of exchange. For our purposes however, we extend the use of the term a bit further… to cover coinages FROM fantasy worlds, including those which are mythological or fictional, and even coin fantasies that comemmorate historical events that might-have-been… places that surely somehow exist in the infinite multiverse!

You will not find coins bearing the images of film characters here… but rather the coins that those characters might have been carrying in their pocketses!  The premise of this effort is that coins provide for us a TACTILE sense of time and place…. something we can touch and handle. It is to this goal of making history, mythology, and fantasy come alive through the creation of “artyfacts” that we dedicate our labors.

The buttons are an adjunct to coining and assist in making costumes and garb that emulate the ideas we love.


Tom Maringer