Here are photos of a few knives and swords made by Tom Maringer over the years:





Fluted Sword and Dagger









About Tom Maringer and Maringer Cutlery:


I made knives and swords professionally full-time from 1977 to 1994, completing about 910 blades, of which some 60 were over 18″ in blade length and thus were classified as swords. This page will link photographs of a number of those pieces as I locate the photos, scan them, and build the pages Click on the photos to see larger versions and more detailed descriptions of the pieces. Also available above is a database listing all the blades I made by serial number, with style, steel, handle material, and blade length so that collectors may accurately place their holdings in the time series and know how many other similar pieces were made. (Corrections of any errors that may occur in the list are gratefully appreciated!)

 Click below to view a list of Maringer blades by serial number, with additional information about each one, such as blade length, handle material etc..
Blade list by serial number – #001 to #500
Blade list by serial number – #501 to #910

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