Fungible Token Decision Maker Coin in Solid Copper


    Grow More Certain.

    Spawned to restore order and balance in a time when non fungible tokens are in excess, this Metal Fungible Token (MFT) decision maker is teeming with fungi of all shapes and sizes. Wormy underlords dictate the answers you seek, burrowing amongst the vast mycelium network in the cool dirt below. On the side of this token with Worms of Approval, a cornucopia of edible fungi  bursts outwards for the keen mycologists among you to identify and harvest. On the reverse, Worms of Foreboding gather in their tunnels and warn of a most unpleasant potluck of poison.

    • Solid Copper coin
    • 20g / .7oz
    • 1.42" / 36mm diameter
    • Expert patina to highlight the engraving

    Depicted Fungi

    Edible*: Black Truffle. Chanterelles (Cantharellus) Morels (Morchella) Lion’s Mane Mushrooms (Hericium Erinaceus) Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus Ostreatus) Shiitake Mushroom Maitake Mushroom Enoki Mushroom Beech Mushroom King Trumpet Mushroom Porcino Mushroom (Porcini, Pl.) Resinous Polypore / Ischnoderma Resinoum Boletus / Leccinum Subglabripes

    Poisonous/Toxic: Conocybe filaris Death Cap (Amanita phalloides) Hypholoma fasciculare Ramaria pallida Omphalotus japonicus Amanita verna Lepiota brunneoincarnata Amanita muscaria Coprinopsis atramentaria Helvella dryophila Omphalotus olivascens Paralepistopsis amoenolens

    (This coin exists)

    With the observable physical presence and occupation of space, this token exhibits proof of its existence in this dimension (and possibly others) and thusly your ownership of it. There is no password to remember as it is unencrypted (unless placed in a crypt).

    Coin design by Maggie Ivy, engraved by Woody Maringer.  Learn more about our artists.

    *Please consult a mycologist. This coin is not to be used as a guide for finding edible mushrooms, but rather a guide when faced with indecision.

    © Shire Post Mint. All Rights Reserved. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Rae R.
    Should you Buy this Coin?

    Its a decision making coin and mine is telling you yes you should buy this coin!! Really nice texture, no sharp points on the design and feels great in the hand. Slightly thinner than the go to sleep coins. Very happy with my purchase

    Proof that a tempered me exists? lol

    This MFT is an essential tool for those tough decisions. It demonstrates fungal legerdemain in the potential trousers of time phase. But it's surreptitious rapid growth of desirous ownership in me / shadowy copper allure led me to get 2 as charms ...Plus 2 coins as gifts: couldn't decide which image had more artful crafting - chose from my potential of the existentially challenging MFTDMC options:
    YES it will be a good day.
    NO i won't loose my calm / temper / charm?
    (See how, despite the flash, the patination and depth preserved the detail?)

    They did not lie. It exists.

    I was going about my day when *ping!* an email, undoubtedly sent by the wormy underlords, alerted me to the fact that this magical, mushroomy token of wisdom had just spawned.

    Needless to say, I added it to my cart so fast I barely understood what I was clicking, and a literal day later it was in my hands.

    I giggled, cackled, and snortled while I carefully unwrapped this glorious creation. I even thanked the surly clerk just cause I was in such a good mood, and then held my token up to admire it in all its glory and exclaimed “MY PRECIOUS!”.

    So I am here now as a witness. The Fungible Token, indeed, exists! Its wisdom will guide you on the path to greatness. Or not. That’s kinda up to you too. The wormy underlords can’t do all the work. Use it well and protect it always!

    Never doubt the worms!


    Perfect but had to shineit

    Haley S.
    Exceeded expectations

    Every piece of the package I received with my order was well thought through and brilliant! I enjoyed all of the details in the packaging but also in the coin itself. Stunning artwork and beautiful crafting of the coin. I got two, one as a gift for my lovely but sometimes indecisive partner lol we both love mushrooms and we are from the copper country so we truly enjoyed all aspects of this coin. Nice to have something fungible these days. Many thanks and recommendations to you all!

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    We collaborate with many artists to create our coins. Learn more about our artists.

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