Iron Moon Coin - 1"
Iron Moon Coin - 1"
Iron Moon Coin - 1"
Iron Moon Coin - 1"
Iron Moon Coin - 1"

Iron Moon Coin - 1"

Pluck the moon out of the sky 

This coin of Earth's Moon features a geographically (technically it's selenographically) correct 136,794,240:1 scale design of the surface texture of both its near and far side. A great worry coin, gift, or reminder coin. 

  • Struck in solid iron
  • Expert patina to highlight the engraving
  • 1" coin weighs 11 grams
  • Archival packaging comes with description of the coin and Moon Facts! 

The coloring/patina process is done by hand, and it is both an art and a science so coins will vary slightly. Coins are struck one at a time in the USA using antique machinery and traditional coining techniques. 

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Note—Each order comes packed with a handwritten envelope straight from Shire Post Mint. We will make this out to whomever is on the SHIPPING ADDRESS. If you are giving this as a gift and would like a different name on the envelope, please include the recipient's name in the Special Instructions field as you complete your order.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Iron Moon Coin

Honestly the only thing that would improve this is when we get metal back from the moon to make the coins with :) Love it. The weight, the textures, just feels perfect.

Nice iron coin

A nicely made moon coin with clear impression and good weight. A unique and neat coin.

Now you can see a new moon!

Another fine addition to the moon coin series. Details are well sculted and visible even with the dark coating.

Absolutely love it

I am beyond pleased with my moon coin. It has a very pleasant feel in the hand if you're using it as a worry coin, and it is unbelievable how good it looks. I could not be more satisfied.


There aren't that many truly great products out there; this is one. I just got the iron, silver, copper and brass moon coins, and they're all straight up fantastic. Beautifully made, reasonably priced, and the packaging is some of the best concept, design and execution I've seen, and I'm a huge snob about that kind of thing. I have a policy that I never buy gifts for people, I only make things or give away things that I already own and cherish. The Shire Post Mint clearly puts so much thought and effort into making meaningful objects that I'll gladly give these as gifts from now on. Friends and students will be totally psyched to get the individually hand lettered envelope, and the neat little info cards are a lot of fun.
Well done!
I'll be ordering more for sure!