Blue Moon Coin in anodized niobium by Shire Post Mint
Blue Moon Coin in anodized niobium by Shire Post Mint - dark side of the moon
Blue Moon Coin in anodized niobium by Shire Post Mint
Blue Moon Coin or Necklace
Blue Moon Coin or Necklace

Blue Moon Coin or Necklace

Once in a blue moon... 

This special edition of our Moon coin features a geographically (technically it's selenographically) correct 136,794,240:1 scale design of the surface texture of Earth's Moon's near and far side. A great worry coin, gift, or reminder coin. Also available as a necklace.

  • struck in solid niobium 
  • anodized blue 
  • expert patina to highlight the engraving
  • 1" coin weighs 6 g
  • broadstruck for a satisfying rounded edge
  • archival packaging comes with description of the coin and Moon Facts! 

The coloring/patina process is done by hand, and it is both an art and a science so coins will vary slightly. Many coins have green highlights at certain angles. Coins are struck one at a time in the USA using antique machinery and traditional coining techniques. 

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Note—Each order comes packed with a handwritten envelope straight from Shire Post Mint. We will make this out to whomever is on the SHIPPING ADDRESS. If you are giving this as a gift and would like a different name on the envelope, please include the recipient's name in the Special Instructions field as you complete your order.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Amazing gift my wife absolutely love it

Absolutely an amazing gift that I purchased this year to my wife as a Valentine and our engagement anniversary. The craftsmanship and quality is just superb.


The coin is just as they described, and the service was amazing and really fast

Blue Moon glows strong

Got my Blue Moon on a chain, and put it on as soon as I got it. Been enjoying it every day. Niobium is fascinating. Thanks for the opportunity, Thomas at Shire Post Mint!

Beautiful Blue Coin

I bought the Blue Moon Coin to remind myself of the rarity of beautiful things i.e. things that only come along 'once in a blue moon'.

And I must say, I wasn't disappointed! The almost iridescent blue is an unearthly colour and the intricate detail in the design is sublime.

Not Once in a Blue Moon!

This Blue Moon necklace was just as advertised! I feel like it's Blue Moon luck every night!