Pizza Moon | Shire Post Mint
Pizza Moon | Shire Post Mint
Pizza Moon | Shire Post Mint
Pizza Moon | Shire Post Mint
Pizza Moon | Shire Post Mint
Pizza Moon | Shire Post Mint
Pizza Moon | Shire Post Mint
Pizza Moon | Shire Post Mint

Pizza Moon Supreme Pizza Lunar Coin in Copper with Tiny Pizza Box

That's amore!

This pizza’s bake is a bit out of this world. Somebody in the shop must have spaced out and mixed up pie-- erm, dies. That or the moon’s far side is more cheese-based than once thought. Maybe it’s just a moon phase. We waxed these coins so their shine wouldn’t wane over time. This two-sided worry coin brings two of our favorite things together. Half moon, half pizza. One side is a moon, and the other side might result in you having to loosen your asteroid belt.

This coin does not break apart by hand like our pre-sliced "Pizzas of Eight" coins.


  • Supreme Pizza Moon coin in solid copper, 100% Arkansas-made!
  • One Miniature Pizza Box (hand-folding required for assembly). The perfect display packaging for your pizza. We designed, revised and prototyped, then laser-cut and stamp each box one at a time on site.
  • Packaging with both useful and useless pizza and moon facts!

This coin weighs in at 32g, is 1.57" (39mm) around, and takes 90 tons to mint. That's the same weight as 180,000 16oz bags of cheese!

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Pizza Coin collection:

Original pizza coin artwork was designed by Michael Shantz, engraved by Woody Maringer.  Learn more about our artists.

Though it looks tasty, don't eat this pizza moon! 

Coins are struck one at a time in the USA using antique machinery and traditional coining techniques. A colorful description is included with history and facts about the coin.

Note—Each order comes packed with a handwritten envelope straight from Shire Post Mint. We will make this out to whomever is on the SHIPPING ADDRESS. If you are giving this as a gift and would like a different name on the envelope, please include the recipient's name in the Special Instructions field as you complete your order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Awesome sauce for your pocket!!

I love this coin! Pizza that’s out of this world😍 I really love the detail on both sides, and the tiny pizza box is an awesome touch!👍🏼

Paul R.

Amazing, highly recommended

Brent J.
A perfect coin!

You might be able to get better with a pirate "pizza of eight" combined with the moon hitting your eye like a big pizza pie, but I think it would be extraordinarily difficult. And of course the custom pizza box is adorable. Great design and feel in the hand, as always. Another fantastic Shire Post product!

Megan B.
So cool!

This coin is so cool, my friend really liked it! The tiny pizza box is so cute.

Laura S.
A most glorious pie.

As with every single thing I’ve ordered from Shire Post Mint, this was marvelous. I love that they have such wonderfully creative packaging from the outer envelope to the custom individual coin storage.