Extremely Lucky Coin | Copper Resin Emerald Four Leaf Clover

Extremely Lucky Coin - Clover and Lucky Penny - Resin and Copper Coin

A 4-leaf clover and a lucky penny are presented within clear resin in a solid copper ring, now with extras like real emeralds, Mercury Dimes, mini horseshoes and glow fragments. The clovers were found, picked, and pressed employees or friends of Shire Post Mint. All of the Lucky Pennies are have been tumbled before encasing them in resin to look consistently beautiful. 

  • Real 4 or 5-leaf clover
  • Wheat Penny, various dates
  • Mercury Dime, various dates
  • .925 Sterling Silver Horse Shoe Charm
  • Solid copper ring 
  • Polished hard resin
  • Two flat sides, or one flat side and one concave side
  • Small Variant: 1.5" diameter, 3/8"-1/2" thickness (or 7/8" thick tall variants).
        • 1 Raw Emerald
        • Clover-stamped Tin
  • Large Variant: 2" diameter, 3/8"-5/8" thickness.
        • 2 Raw Emeralds

Clover-stamped tin included with "Small" 1.5" variants only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Melissa F.
Cool coin

I have wanted one of these coins since I saw them. It is a very nice coin and will last forever. I love the combined items and even though I don’t really believe it can bring luck it is still a very nice piece to add to any collection.

J A.

Saw this on TikTok and my 11 year old said “thats neat, kinda like your rabbits foot”. We ordered one and she loves it!

Awesome! I hope it brings you tons of luck :D

Scott W.
Even better than I thought!!!

I purchased some of the good luck coins for gifts They are We’re well received. Very beautiful and well made.

Raul R.
American Artisanship

This coin is beautiful, through n through. A piece of Americana that I will keep in my pocket as an edc and will gift to my kids in the future.

Love this!

I absolutely love this coin! It's really beautiful and you can see each of the individual components really well. Would definitely buy from here again