Coin of the First Men - Bronze

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The first coin in Westeros

  • solid bronze
  • rune meaning "wealth"
  • one-sided design
  • .25" (.6 cm) diameter

This tiny coin was found in one of the less inhabited Stepstones. Maesters presume that the coin was dropped during the First Men’s journey over what was once the land bridge between Essos and Westeros. The First Men were known to have cattle and bronze weapons during their journey into Westeros. The First Men spent thousands of years populating Westeros and creating hundreds of kingdoms across the land. The other side of this coin may have had a design at one point but it seems to have worn away with time.

Coin of the First Men concept art by Maggie Ivy. Coin design inspired by the earliest known coins and features modified Anglo-Saxon rune known to mean "wealth". Engraved by Woody Maringer  Learn more about our artists.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

A wonderful collectable, just be sure not to misplace one, they are quite small.

Ryan W.
Very Novel

The coin is significantly smaller than you imagine but the details are immaculate. You'll never find another coin quite like this but I do not recommend removing it from the holder because you will lose it in a heartbeat.

I love it

This coin is so nice. It's small and really cute, but also it looks like if it was a piece of history. Its very smooth on one hand so it works for me almost like a worry coin. I love it.

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