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Haptic Pair of Sliding Pickle Chips Worry Coins - Raw Copper

Sale price$45.00

Two pickles are better than one!

When life is gherkin you around, two pickles are better than one. Slide, clink, and pacify your worries into the channels and grooves of these wiggly pickles. Portable pocket-friendly pickles are perfect when you can’t stop from poring over life’s pitfalls.

  • Solid Copper - 30.6 g each (61.2g pair)
  • 1.56 in (3.96 cm) diameter
  • Wavy ridges that align and slide
  • Raw copper finish

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Designed by Woody Maringer. Learn more about our artists.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Timothy V.
Simple and Awesome

I do a lot of fidgeting and I've found most sliders kind of annoying. This has a good hand feel, nice haptic feedback and is very quiet, so I can use it whenever and wherever I want. I have pretty big hands and they feel just right. It was a very solid purchase!


These sliders are just wonderful. The size is great for carrying around. They possess a solid heft; feels well made. The edges are textured with a pattern that gives a solid grip but isn't sharp. I can click them, pop them in and out of their channels, slide them- lots of ways to play around. The ridges make them easy to carry. I really enjoy these- I'm happy to find a haptic set of coins that don't have a magnet. Thanks Shite Post- these are sweet!


Nice and weighty, slides very well and smooth, lovely to look at but also makes a great fidget toy especially when needing to distract yourself and help anxiety. Very quality product and fairly priced.

Christopher B.

Haptic Pair of Sliding Pickle Chips Worry Coins - Raw Copper

Aaron G.

Both my daughter (who the coins were for) and I love the coins, but - due to my own lack of thoroughness - I didn’t look at the dimensions and they’re bigger than I anticipated (~ a 50 cent piece). We’d both love to see them a little smaller (~ a quarter… similar to the moon coins) where they’d be less obtrusive in the pocket and more low-key for fidgeting

Pickle Chip haptic fidget worry coins EDC
Haptic Pair of Sliding Pickle Chips Worry Coins - Raw Copper Sale price$45.00