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Misstrike Coin

Sale price$3.00
Coins, blanks and more that range from not quite perfect to "what is this even?" that still deserve love too. Selection will be done completely at random!

Customer Reviews

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Charles M.
Excellent mystery

I purchased 2 and was not disappointed. Mysteries are always a gamble but that's the fun of it and who knows maybe you'll get a mistruck decision maker lol

I'll always add one to my purchases

Got a cool one that was struck off center so part of the design is blank like a cresant moon. The design has a star on one side and a - 5hp on the other. I love the way it looks

Rosemary J.
Lots of fun

I ordered twelve of these and was sent "a few extra", twenty-one. I really enjoyed opening them all to see what I got. There was a wide variety of different types of coins and flaws, a few looked perfectly fine, others were off-center, or had notches out of the sides, or had faint imprints. My favorite two were the ones that were so interestingly misshapen that it was hard to tell they were supposed to be coins. Thank you!

Ricky G.
Mis strike

Not a coin at all. More like a piece of scrap off the floor

Donald M.
mistrike coin

It is a pretty neat little coin.

Misstrike Coin
Misstrike Coin Sale price$3.00