Mistborn Irony Coin - Ironeyes 2-Boxing


A coin from the First Central Bank of Elendel


Two-Boxing "Irony"

  • Solid Iron, 17.6 grams

  • 3.17 cm / 1.24" diameter

The 2-boxing coin is a large iron coin, colloquially called an “Irony” after its constituent material and the depiction of Ironeyes adorning its face. The front of the coin reads “Ironeyes” along the top and the symbol for “two” on the bottom in the Steel Alphabet. The back of the 2-boxing depicts an ashmount framed by the symbol for “two” at the top, bottom, and sides.

“The man was well over six feet tall, and the enveloping robe gave him an ominous appearance. He brought up pale hands and took down his hood, exposing a shaved head and a face that was tattooed around the eyes in an intricate pattern.
Driven into those eyes, point first, were what looked like a pair of thick railroad spikes. One of the eye sockets was deformed, as if it had been crushed, long healed scars and bony ridges under the skin marring the tattoos.
Marasi knew this creature from mythology, but seeing him left her cold, terrified. ‘Ironeyes’, she whispered.” -The Alloy of Law

Coin design by Isaac Stewart and Ben McSweeney, engraving by Woody Maringer. Learn more about our artists.

Based on the Mistborn novels by Brandon Sanderson, copyright © 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2015, 2016, 2022 by Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC, and upon coin designs copyright © 2022 Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC, used with express permission. Mistborn® and Brandon Sanderson® are registered trademarks of Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
John J.

The coin I ordered is amazing. Great quality. What I didn't expect was the packaging. It's personalized and worthy of framing.. which I did. Very satisfied. Thank you.


I love how the packaging of Mistborn coins arrive! Opening them is almost just as fun as getting the actual coin!


I was delighted to find this Ironeyes coin and it arrived exactly as pictured, and in really interesting and well thought out packaging which was a nice touch.
The coin is top tier quality, with a really nice weight to it. Absolutely brilliant 10/10

Austin D.
These guys always deliver amazing work!

The attention to detail, even down to the packaging, makes it feel like you truly own an artifact from your favorite fantasy realms. I have ordered several pieces, based from many of my favorite fantasy fiction novels, from Shire Post Mint over the years and I am always excited to receive their deliveries from another world!

Jason H.
The Irony of Iron makes for a great piece.

SPM continues to show its detailed art in this piece. It also demonstrates the versatility of iron itself. I would definitely recommend to anyone considering the purchase.

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