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Norse Dual Stave - .999 Fine Silver Necklace - Aegishjalmur Vegvisir

Sale price$55.00

When one stave isn't enough

This fine silver coin was struck with 80 tons of force between our hand-engraved steel Vegvisir and Helm of Awe dies!

  • Solid 99.9% fine silver
  • 999 FS stamped on the edge
  • 1.3" (3.3 cm) diameter
  • 1/2 Troy oz. or 16.1 grams, .075" thick (1.9 mm)
  • Also available as a coin.

    Vegvisir Wayfinder

    The Vegvísir, or Norse compass, is an Icelandic magical stave, which, according to the Huld manuscript, protects one from losing their way in bad weather.

    Encircling the Vegvísir is the runic transliteration of the Icelandic phrase, “Ég stoppar ekki Þegar Þreyttur, ég stoppar Þegar ég er búinn”, which translates to, “I do not stop when tired, I stop when done.”

    The Helm of Awe - "I found no power a match for my own."

    Ægishjálmur, or Œgishjalmr` or in English, “The Helm of Awe”, is a Nordic magical Stave which is meant to imbue its carrier with protection, and inspire victory in battle. We like to imagine helping in the day to day challenges of every day life, and how the stave might remind its carrier how strong they truly are at heart.

    Algiz, or “Z-Runes” Make up the foundations of the 8 main symbols-- forks emitting from a central point which are on the offensive and protecting the center.

    There is ancient history to the stave, wherein the Fáfnismál, one of the poems in the Poetic Edda, the havoc-wreaking dragon Fafnir attributes much of his apparent invincibility to his use of the Helm of Awe:

    The Helm of Awe, I wore before the sons of men, In defense of my treasure; Amongst all, I alone was strong, I thought to myself, For I found no power a match for my own.

    This interpretation is confirmed by a spell called “There is a Simple Helm of Awe Working” in the collection of Icelandic folktales collected by the great Jón Árnason in the nineteenth century. The spell reads:

    Make a helm of awe in lead, press the lead sign between the eyebrows, and speak the formula:
    Ægishjálm er ég ber
    milli brúna mér!
    I bear the helm of awe
    between my brows!

    If you are daring enough to try, we hope that this spell will help you press through challenges and cross into newer horizons.

    Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Ministry of Spells. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent dragon attacks.

    Designed and engraved by Woody Maringer. Learn more about our artists.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Lord N.E.
    A fantastic gift

    I got this as a gift for my friend who's norse. He absolutely adored it and he wears it every single day now! Excellent minting on the whole thing. Very defined and solid craftsmanship.


    Absolutely love this pendant! I have both Vegvísir and Aegishjalmur pendants in silver, bronze, and copper, but this one lets me have both with out having to choose which one to wear. Both these staves mean a lot to me on a personal level and to be able to have both in silver is awesome. Probably will be purchasing another one soon to have a back up.

    Kristian R.
    Gorgeous piece

    Well crafted and looks great.

    Regina D.
    Beautiful piece of jewelry

    Purchases for my daughters boyfriend for his birthday. I talisman for his protection and guidance.

    Love it!

    Wear it basically every day, it’s beautiful craftsmanship and hardy. Fits at a ren faire or at work. Great to fidget with

    Norse Dual Stave - .999 Fine Silver Necklace - Aegishjalmur Vegvisir
    Norse Dual Stave - .999 Fine Silver Necklace - Aegishjalmur Vegvisir Sale price$55.00