OSIRIS-REx Set of 5 Coins


Leading the charge in asteroid study

OSIRIS-REx is the current NASA mission that is studying the asteroid Bennu. Each of the five coins represents a key element of the mission:

  •  Launch coin: features the Atlas V rocket, struck in solid copper
  • Gravity Assist coin: features OSIRIS-REx and the Earth during its gravity assist maneuver
  •  Surveying coin: features Bennu and the OSIRIS-REx, struck in solid brass
  •  Sample Collection coin: features OSIRIS-REx and the TAGSAM taking a sample from Bennu, struck in solid brass
  •  Landing coin: features Sample Return Capsule and parachute during descent to Earth, struck in solid steel

Coin design by Dylan Craig, engraved by Woody Maringer.  Learn more about our artists.

Learn more about the OSIRIS-REx mission at asteroidmission.org

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Customer Reviews

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Ralph B.

After I had already ordered the OSIRIS-REx coin set. There was a program on PBS all about the OSIRIS-REx and the retrieval of specimens from an asteroid.
When I received the coin set, I was very impressed with the coins and the information provided. They are fine fit in my space coin collection.
Thank you
Ralph F Bock Jr
PS: With the importance of the mission. I was hoping the coins would be larger.


Another great transaction. Well packaged. Prices are good. Excellent quality, Very happy with my purchase.

Get These Now Before OSIRIS-REx Returns!

At time of writing this, it's only been a few weeks since Bennu's surface was successfully TAGSAM sampled. So you have a few years before the sample is returned to Earth for study, potentially shedding new light on the formation of our solar system and our very existence. Get this coins now so you can celebrate with a tangible piece of galactic history. As with everything at SPM, they're beautifully crafted and well-presented.

Jason H.
A fine set of commemoratives

This is a worthwhile purchase for anyone interested in space exploration and science.

Mark B.


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We collaborate with many artists to create our coins. Learn more about our artists.

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