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Crafted from fine Bowlerite

This unique worry coin is upcycled from a discarded bowling ball. We have shaped them with one concave side for maximum satisfaction when holding between forefinger and thumb.

Pearl is pearlescent white with pink notes - .4" to .7" thick. This worry coin will be glossier, and has a smoother texture, and are nearly impossible to squeak.

Bowling Ball Worry Coins designed and prototyped by Woody Maringer. Learn more about our artists.

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Customer Reviews

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Aleksei M.

As always, beautiful and "calm" worry stone. Perfect in not-that-bright artificial light when you are able to see its pattern. Yet not that good in low light or under bright light when it becomes almost completely white.

Pearl Cream Upcycled Bowling Ball Worry Stone | Shire Post Mint Gifts
Pearl Cream Upcycled Bowling Ball Worry Stone Sale price$15.00