Set of 3 "REDACTED" Bowling Ball Worry Stones - Slight Flaws


Redacted for quality, Set of 3

These unique worry stones are upcycled from discarded bowling balls. We have shaped them with one concave side for maximum satisfaction when holding between forefinger and thumb. Each Bowling Ball Worry Coin will have unique colors and patterns. 

We removed these Bowlerite worry stones from the main batch due to slight flaws such as:

  • Too thin
  • Engraved text (not the bowler's name) 
  • Chips 
  • Irregular edge

These packs will be a random assortment of 3 Bowlerite Worry Stones.

Bowling Ball Worry Coins designed and prototyped by Woody Maringer. Learn more about our artists.

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Customer Reviews

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—Comprehensive Review—

I received three Worry Stones:

The first one is yellow with black swirls. It was most likely "redacted" due to its thinness. If I put the coin up against the sun or a light, I can see through it. It is one of my favorites. Despite it being thin, it has the sturdiness that you might expect from a coin made from a bowling ball. Unlike the other coins, both of its sides are concave, making it satisfying to touch. The cherry on top is a small elevated bump in the middle of the coin that cannot be seen, but can be felt. It is such a unique feature and I quite like the sensation of running my finger around it.

The second worry coin is an orange coin with a black hurricane looking blob on one quarter of the circle. It reminds me of Jupiter's Great Red Spot. There are also tiny golden specs—thousands—embedded into the coin that makes it shimmer in the light. This coin was most likely redacted due to chips on its edge. However, these chips are polished down so that they are impeccably smooth. They add texture and make the coin more unique, with greater sensory features.

The third coin is the thickest of them all, standing a little over half an inch. This coin was probably redacted as the piece was likely originally located near the finger holes of the bowling ball. However, this hole, which presents itself as a semicircle taking up a little less than half of the coin is filled with a clear resin or a similar substance to make coin whole. I enjoy how the filled in portion has a different texture—while both smooth—to the rest of the coin. I also like the translucence of the clear resin, which contrasts with the darker gray of the other half of the coin.

These Worry Stones are my favorite purchase from Shire Mint Post thus far. I like that unlike a metallic coin, there are no fears of corrosion or the coin changing texture or color. And since they aren't metal, they have no metallic smell, which I also appreciate. I like how sturdy they are and I like that I have three of them. It's fun fidgeting with two or three at the same time.

Honestly, if you don't mind no being able to choose the color, I would buy these Redacted Worry Stones every time over the individual stones. The "flaws" add so much texture, such sensory appeasement, and make them unique. My only gripe is that if I lose one of them, it's gone forever, since there's no other coin like it.

Couldn't be happier. 5/5 stars.

Frank S.
Will order again!

Great product and much loved gifts that arrived in record time. Thanks, Shire Post Mint.

Eric M.

I love all three of my worry stones

James H.

Set of 3 "REDACTED" Bowling Ball Worry Stones - Slight Flaws


It’s so funny that they are considered flawed, because all three were absolutely beautiful! Nice and light a s perfect for fidgeting.

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