Wax Seal Magnetic Handle System - Handle Only

Our Wax Seal Handles use a strong neodymium magnet at the head for quick and easy swapping of our steel stamp head coins without the need for tools and tedious unscrewing. Time is precious and you've got things to seal! Also, magnets! Our handles are are adapted to fit our unique design. There may be slight surface imperfections and wood stain variations between each handle.
  • Wax Seal Handle with neodymium magnetic tip
  • Burlap Bag with Shire Post Mint wax seal accent

No wax seal coins, or wax are included with the purchase of the handle. Handle only!

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Customer Reviews

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Pick a wax seal "coin", reuse handle interchangeably & easily, store properly...

The magnetic handle is broad ranging, i'm fact i'm on my second one, because magnetic handle no.1 is magnetically attached to something metallic in my unit. I stored it attached to... (chair leg? desk leg? stove hood? refrigerator? hot water cylinder? metal pipe? shower frame? washer? drier?). :P and after 6 months of not finding it; ordered the next one :(
But for real people in real life the magnetic handle grabs anything Fe based and needs to be slid off (rare earth magnets take their job seriously around the clock; they are permanently on duty).
So when "loading" your pre-chilled seals, using wax or glue to make a seal on an envelope or card, then swapping seal "coins" {emblems? insignia?} around, the handle is easy to use, then the handle can be used again for the next seal, and then the handle is best stored with the seals (who cluster adoringly around it, lol) not on something random & metallic as per my missing one... :(
So the magnetic handle system is useful as a 1 stop seal attachment handle, it's interchangeable with other seals, it grips well all the time and can be enough fun to lose :) It's usefulness beats the **** in versions that come with other wax seals and having 1 handle for all the SPM seals reduces clutter in my wax seal equipment box. Why doesn't everybody use a magnetic handle and Fe based seals? SPM got there first (afaik) and it's a great idea, get yours and with your seals (and don't lose it!). [if you're wondering about Fe = ferrum which is Latin for iron]

Simple, clever, flexible.

I've not seen a magnetic system like this for wax seals before. Combined with the SPM lead seal coins, it's a perfect way to mix and match wax seals, is easy to use and very effective.

Nolan E.
Incredible design, Even better people

I love Shire Post, I got the Moon Wax Seal Coin to go with the Handle, they got it to me so quickly and the personalization on the packaging made my day. The magnet is strong and the handle is very well finished and feels great in the hand. Super useful and you can swap out any of the Seal Coins. Great product, would make a great gift!


Wax Seal Magnetic Handle System - Handle Only

John T.
Comfortable good looking handle.

I mean, its a handle. It holds the seal and works well. What more can you ask? Well worth it!

Each order comes packed with a handwritten envelope sealed with wax straight from Shire Post Mint! Unless changed, we will hand write the name of the person listed in the Shipping Address.

If ordering a gift or if you'd like to customize your handwritten name, please include the recipient's name in the Personalization Options field as you complete your order.

One envelope is included in your order, if you would like to purchase additional handwritten Gift Envelopes, you can find them here.

Shire Post Mint coins are struck one at a time in West Fork, Arkansas, USA using solid metals, hand-engraved designs, antique machinery and traditional coining techniques. For antiqued coins, the coloring/patina process is done by hand, and it is both an art and a science so coins will vary slightly. Our unique packaging includes a description of each coin and translations if applicable.

We collaborate with many artists to create our coins. Learn more about our artists.

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