American Gods Coins are gone...

A brief but wonderful journey

While our license to make and sell American Gods Coins has ended, you can still find our American Gods Coins at Neil Gaiman's official shop - Neverwear

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A look back:

When we designed the American Gods Sun Coin, we wanted to evoke an ancient Celtic coin. While we had the ability to reproduce the one shown in the American Gods series on Starz, we wanted to infuse the coin with more meaning and symbolism. In addition, we wanted a smaller coin since ancient coins are in general smaller due to smaller striking forces that they had access to. This was our first coin struck on a spherical blank. We got lucky and found an alloy that took the impression without shattering. Our first tests led to some messy results. We love how the edge cracks and bulges. The design is a grand mix of symbols representing the sun from ancient Celtic coins, statues, and carvings. 

 The design for the American Gods Moon Coin was a bit different. In the story, Shadow is given a 1922 Liberty Dollar coin that represents the Moon. We thought to make a Moon/Liberty coin design. The Liberty side was hand-engraved by Woody Maringer and we added lots of little moon-themed additions to the design like stars in her hair, a crescent moon earring, moon phases between the letters of LIBERTY, a crescent moon mint mark under the portrait, and of course the like MOON WE TRUST.