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The Dance of the Dragons

Rhaenyra and Aegon II Targaryen

Moon Coins by Shire Post Mint

Pluck the moon out of the sky ☾

Moon Coins & Necklaces

Brandon Sanderson Mistborn Dragonsteel Cosmere Coin Set by Shire Post Mint

Coins from Author Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere

Mistborn Coins


Save the Date! Shire Fest 2024

Save the Date! Shire Fest 2024

Please join us for Shire Post Mint's third annual festival to feature artworks, local vendors, activities, games, food, crafts, live music, and tours inside our magical workshop where the coins str...

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Crash Course Coins 2024!

Crash Course Coins 2024!

We're proud and honored to be the makers of the Crash Course coin for the last several years. If you're unfamiliar, Crash Course was started by John Green and Hank Green to create high quality edu...

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Rainbow Moon Coins by Shire Post Mint

Happy Pride Month - Rainbow Sale!

Happy Pride Month from Shire Post Mint! When we opened the shop, one of our main goals was to create a safe and welcoming place for everyone who comes through our doors. We affirm queer/trans/gende...

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