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Shire Post Mint is a small, family-run coining operation located in West Fork, Arkansas, USA specializing in licensed fantasy coinage among many other things. Shire Post Mint began in 2001 when custom knifemaker Tom Maringer bought his first antique coin press. He had a passion for coin collecting since his childhood and his years of knifemaking gave him metalworking knowledge that he used to start making coins. They are truly a family enterprise and proud of it. All of their products are 100% made in the USA. 

Shire Post Mint has created over 100 licensed coin designs from licenses like A Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, The HobbitConan the Barbarian™The Kingkiller ChronicleThe Demon CycleJohn Carter of Mars, and more.

Coins made by Shire Post Mint are unique. The designs are engraved by hand instead of laser etched by a computer. The coins are never plated or cast, but instead are stamped on solid metals using antique coin presses. This historic process allows for impeccable detail and durability. These coins will last for hundreds of years and can be handled daily, just like standard currency. In fact, many coins are aged for a weathered look and feel. Each design holds a story and involves world knowledge, character research, historic coining knowledge, and sometimes translation into fictional or ancient languages. Shire Post Mint holds book-based licenses so their coins can be based on the original author's aesthetic as opposed to a film director's aesthetic. 


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"The fact that Shire Post has the literary license for these things, rather than the movie license, means the coins are all designed in-house based on descriptions in the books. They aren’t coins you’ll see on HBO’s Game of Thrones or in the Peter Jackson movies. They’re more authentic to the source, if completely not screen-accurate." - Will Greenwald, GEEK








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