Conan® the Barbarian

Straight from King Conan's coffers, these coins are from across the lands of Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age: Aquilonia, Stygia, Cimmeria, Turan, and Hyperborea. Crom, count the dead!

"There is a lot to like about this coin, and not just because of my love for Robert E. Howard's writing. The lion's head is amazing: the coin is so much thicker than almost all of my other ones, and the engraver took full advantage of the extra material to make a truly stunning, deep relief. And on the reverse side, even if you have no idea who Conan is, the profile is instantly recognizable as a powerful leader, exactly what every other monarch wants from putting their face on currency. Finally, I like the engraver's choice to use incuse lettering around the edges: it will take much, much, longer to wear away, and definitely not in my lifetime. One of my favorite coins, and a perfect "gold piece" for tabletop games (even if they're not set in the Hyborian Age)." - Kaspar, King Conan Aquilonian Luna