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10 Best Lord of the Rings Gifts under $35

We make officially licensed coins from the world of Middle-earth created by J. R. R. Tolkien.

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The Hobbit™ Set #1 - The Shire™ Set of Four CoinsThe Hobbit™ Set #1 - The Shire™ Set of Four Coins
Raven Penny of New DaleRaven Penny of New Dale
Raven Penny of New Dale Sale price$13.91
GONDOR™ Crown Sale price$27.83
THE SHIRE™ Layered Coin NecklaceTHE SHIRE™ Layered Coin Necklace
GONDOR™ Copper PennyGONDOR™ Copper Penny
GONDOR™ Copper Penny Sale price$13.91
Save $5.56Rivendell™ Golden MoonRivendell™ Golden Moon
Rivendell™ Golden Moon Sale price$16.70 Regular price$22.26
Save $2.79Tree of GONDOR™ Wax Seal CoinTree of GONDOR™ Wax Seal Coin
Tree of GONDOR™ Wax Seal Coin Sale price$13.91 Regular price$16.70
Axe of Thrain Copper CoinAxe of Thrain Copper Coin
Axe of Thrain Copper Coin Sale price$22.26
The Scouring of the SHIRE™ Iron CoinsThe Scouring of the SHIRE™ Iron Coins
SAURON™ Iron Eye CoinSAURON™ Iron Eye Coin
SAURON™ Iron Eye Coin Sale price$22.26
Middle Earth™ Wayfinder in solid CopperMiddle Earth™ Wayfinder in solid Copper