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These are so well crafted, they could have indeed come straight from a Shire smithy. They’re currently living as “loose change” on top of a menu from the Prancing Pony in a corner of my smial.

I had to have them all!

I love the 1" moon coins so much I want one of each. This one has a good ring to it when I flip it and the only one I have so far that's marked on the side.

Love how it rings in the air!

This is probably my favorite one so far. The anodizing on it looks amazing! And out of all my moon coins this has the loudest ring when I flip it. Love all my coins and this is a must have if you're anything like me.

Beautiful Copper Orb

The copper orb with the green patina from Shire Post Mint is very nice. The patina reminds me of an ancient Greek helmet I saw in the Treasures of Alexander exhibit years ago. Beautiful!

Perfect. 5 Stars.

I have several coins from several different companies. This is far and away one of the highest quality coins I have ever purchased. The price tag gave me pause, but I am 100% satisfied and have no regrets. The heft and balance are superb. I absolutely love this reminder of one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite books.

gorgeous design and quality

cannot be happier with this piece. I bought this to use the coin as a charm on my notebook. The quality is amazing and i love seeing it dangle on my notebook!!!!

it really makes me howl

and yes i got the harvest moon too

Perfect 7th anniversary gift!

The traditional gift for the seventh wedding anniversary is coppper so this was perfect, especially since we were married on Halloween. We bought a matching set of coins to keep with us wherever we go. They are much heavier than I expected and are packaged beautifully. Thank you!

So small! So cool!

Imagine earning these! She must really have been poor if a denarius was a day's wage / board & lodging at the time!
Anyhow another spectacular SPM product; impressive on the way past (friends were intrigued) and destined for another friend; who was wowed :)
Oh yeah the closeup were shadowed by my phone, so excuse us...but they are small!

Yo ho! A Shire Post classic!

This small but heavyweight coin, an SPM staple for years, features some of the deepest embossing/engraving of all their coins and really stands out as a result.
Silver coins and pirates go so well together that it makes perfect sense for this one to be available in silver as well as the existing copper version. Really nice weathering brings out the detail brilliantly.

Got the heft; got the octagonal edge

The Axe of Thrain coin is brilliant!
Enough heft to match Brother Night Watch, outweighs King Conan, smaller than King Feyda Calanthis, but thicker...
So the octagonal edge and smooth curve, excellent patination/ wear to highlight the engraving make it excellent :)
But that's just SPMs benchmark... lol
Have fun collecting and comparing these coins of creative verisimilitude!

Night's Watch imagination stimulation token

This coin is too intriguing to pass up! On one side an eclectic border around a hammer, sword and spade and on the other a bird - it fires the imagination!
Shown here: bigger than a 20c & smaller than a 50c, but thicker than both (with an SPM 1" sunset moon for size) this token is impressive: it has presence, heft, with a lovely rounded edge,

It was the perfect surprise gift

Bought this for my sister. It's her favorite line from her favorite movie. She loved it so much.

How you turn my world...

Another beautiful SPM coin. I'm so glad they were able to create one featuring a likeness of David Bowie as the Goblin King. For me, this was where I first knew his work from, not knowing quite how far-reaching, versatile and legendary he was - not unlike the company behind this coin!
A must have for Labyrinth and Bowie fans everywhere. Great work by Helen & Woody!

Kyle W.
Exactly what I was looking for

I got the silver necklace with vegvisir on one side and the helm of awe on the other and it is exactly what I asked for. I have one I haven’t taken off and the other is going to a good friend of mine. I really appreciate how quick and easy it was to get everything done and everything was perfect.

Moon boot print hits the spot!

A great commemorative coin in it's superb holder. I liked it - but had promised it as a gift - had a "wow-cool!" response right off the bat and an "I like it!" follow through. So get your accurate moon landing commemorative coins here - SPM has another excellent offering

By the light of the silvery moon

Very highly detailed sculpt of the lunar surface, educational and fun.

Seal your missives with the dark side of the moon...

This moon seal is of the dark side of the moon...the part we never see. So sending notes sealed with it heightens the mystery of the contents (for me anyway) :D
Practically, it's accurate and a unique seal for sealing envelopes or sealing private notes with Georgian folding, Go SPM!
Are we getting the near side seal soon? ;)
Shown, The dark side of the iron supermoon 1.5"; the dark side of the 1" silver moon; the moon seal; and the glue seal on the moon seal coin envelope.

Great gifts!

I bought several coins and one for me. I love the labyrinth and The craftsmanship is excellent. I bought the others as Christmas gifts and can't wait to see everyones reaction to them 😁

Pure geometry, pure iron, pure heft

Unusually parallelogrammed and non-magnetic, it always stands above the iron coin competition; i had to get one and play with Additionally, of course, i ended up reading the Kingkiller Chronicles as well... grabbing an iron drab was a goal; SPM quality, "chiselled" good looks and subtle marking (Is a reunion of the rest of the boy band coins planned?)

Black or Silver? Plus Tin :)

As someone said before : this is SPM's Easter Egg item...and they're in black or silver , light as a feather and melodious to chime.
Then there's the moon in relief tin (while stocks last?)
Go gettable at this price and delightful to wear when ordered as charms or to add accurate flair with as ornaments :D

Definitely Unique

I look at it a lot. It is definitely something to have. It's crazy something so small could have such a big meaning and impact. I carry it with me everyday.

Crescent moon phase charm

I love the detail on my crescent moon which i wear on 1/4 moon waxing and waning days. See the crescent compared to a 1.5" new supermoon (in iron) pic 1. Ordered it without a chain because i already had a few chains from SPM. Pic 2 & 3 are silver 1.5" supermoon underneath the 1" crescent.
Since the quality and detail are fantastic am now awaiting the 1.5" upgrade version too ;)
[i need boy sized bling, tho had to buy the girl sized charm, because the 1.5" boy bling crescent wasn't there yet - or i'm just hopelessly impatient]
Perhaps the SPM craft hall shop goblins will produce an iron 1.5" crescent one for the waxing phase and a silver 1.5" crescent one for the waning phase? :D

Thinner because he's dead but detailed imagery

The images of the trees and the alive/dead obverse are crisply detailed, so i got 1 to break and 1 to keep whole - or not, had to get a
Love the breakable option so much ...waiting for thick and chunky too! (we know - i can hope tho')

Really cool challenge coin

Nicely made. Copper seems high purity. Not getting a patina yet.