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Middle Earth set 1

These were the perfect addition to my collection. They feel and look like actual coins. High quality and great designs.

Worldhopper Approved

This missive is one of appreciation to the Shire Post Family for their aid in handling my highly unusual request.

I would highly recommend this merchant to anyone who wishes to have a piece of the Cosmere with them!

I spend a great deal of time choosing merchants to handle my strange obsession with Allomancy and the other forms of Investiture I have encountered among the Cosmere. Be it from Sel, Scadrial, or Roshar, I find myself enthralled in a way perhaps a select few can understand, so one might imagine my delight in finding a merchant who was able to procure a piece of coinage from the Anteverdant Age. My joy was further compounded upon finding it accompanied by an actual piece of signage from the historical Prelan Laird, with the unique seal of the Final Empire still intact!

The price of this artifact was well worth it! In addition to the item being delivered in a timely manner to my snow-covered homeworld safely, the coinage was well protected from the elements, and the letter showed no sign of additional wear. It makes a fine addition to my ever-growing collection! How the Scadrial historians employed by Shire Post managed to locate such a find is beyond me. It is clear they must have some access to Fortune, a contact among the Faceless Immortals, or another form of Investiture I have yet to study in depth...

Spectacular Craftsmanship

Attention to detail is amazing. Serious commitment to high detail craftsmanship is to be applauded. Love my Scadrial coins!

In love

I got one for myself and one for my tattoo artist and we both loved them! The detail is incredible! And the shipping was super fast

I’m in love

The quality is so great and they arrived really fast! It has really good weight to it too!

Realistic Moon Round

It's pricey, but is superlative as the most accurate rendition of the Moon I've seen in a one-ounce round so far. Well done!


I have followed them for a few years and bought my husband some for Christmas this year. Heavier than I thought it would be which was nice. High quality as well. Exactly as described. Thank you!

Love these coins!

It’s very cool to be able to hold these real examples of what these incredibly well designed and minted “coins of the realm” may have looked and felt like during the stories in which they’re based. Totally high quality with a seemingly infinite amount of detail on each - highly recommended!


Como siempre, una moneda de la Tierra Media bonita y bien hecha. Muy contento con vosotros. Ya llevo compradas algunas monedas vuestras 😜

Gracias por apoyarnos!

A wondrous gift for your travels

I couldn't be happier with this. The presentation was incredible. I kinda don't want to spoil it for anyone but It came in a fantastic letter with a wax seal of the vegvisr! Are you kidding me it's so beautiful. There is so much love that goes into their products no doubt.

The vegvisr itself looks Amazing and it's on both sides. I most definitely will be buying from them again. I am extremely impressed.. 5 stars without a doubt. Whoever you are that did my vegvisr you have a gift! Thank you so much.

I'm so glad you like it! We have a lot of fun putting packages together :)

Pretty sweet

I bought the set of five brass moon pieces offered for sale at the last full moon. I thought 5 for $25 was a good deal. I’m the past I’ve purchased the fine silver and copper moons.

The details are phenomenal. I’ve been pleased with my purchases.

Surprise yourself.

Fantastic pendant setting! Thanks for your support!


These are so well crafted, they could have indeed come straight from a Shire smithy. They’re currently living as “loose change” on top of a menu from the Prancing Pony in a corner of my smial.

Thank you for sharing! Though now I'm hungry...

I had to have them all!

I love the 1" moon coins so much I want one of each. This one has a good ring to it when I flip it and the only one I have so far that's marked on the side.

Thanks for your support! Our silver coins are the only ones that we mark on the side.

Love how it rings in the air!

This is probably my favorite one so far. The anodizing on it looks amazing! And out of all my moon coins this has the loudest ring when I flip it. Love all my coins and this is a must have if you're anything like me.

Amazing! I've heard that hardness can impact the sound of a ring. Your example makes sense since niobium is the hardest metal we work with!

Beautiful Copper Orb

The copper orb with the green patina from Shire Post Mint is very nice. The patina reminds me of an ancient Greek helmet I saw in the Treasures of Alexander exhibit years ago. Beautiful!

I love that! Thank you so much for your support.

Perfect. 5 Stars.

I have several coins from several different companies. This is far and away one of the highest quality coins I have ever purchased. The price tag gave me pause, but I am 100% satisfied and have no regrets. The heft and balance are superb. I absolutely love this reminder of one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite books.

I'm so glad you like it!

gorgeous design and quality

cannot be happier with this piece. I bought this to use the coin as a charm on my notebook. The quality is amazing and i love seeing it dangle on my notebook!!!!

I love that!! Thanks for sharing the photo!

it really makes me howl

and yes i got the harvest moon too


Perfect 7th anniversary gift!

The traditional gift for the seventh wedding anniversary is coppper so this was perfect, especially since we were married on Halloween. We bought a matching set of coins to keep with us wherever we go. They are much heavier than I expected and are packaged beautifully. Thank you!

That's so cool! Thank you for sharing. Happy anniversary!

So small! So cool!

Imagine earning these! She must really have been poor if a denarius was a day's wage / board & lodging at the time!
Anyhow another spectacular SPM product; impressive on the way past (friends were intrigued) and destined for another friend; who was wowed :)
Oh yeah the closeup were shadowed by my phone, so excuse us...but they are small!

I'm glad your friend liked them!

Yo ho! A Shire Post classic!

This small but heavyweight coin, an SPM staple for years, features some of the deepest embossing/engraving of all their coins and really stands out as a result.
Silver coins and pirates go so well together that it makes perfect sense for this one to be available in silver as well as the existing copper version. Really nice weathering brings out the detail brilliantly.

Got the heft; got the octagonal edge

The Axe of Thrain coin is brilliant!
Enough heft to match Brother Night Watch, outweighs King Conan, smaller than King Feyda Calanthis, but thicker...
So the octagonal edge and smooth curve, excellent patination/ wear to highlight the engraving make it excellent :)
But that's just SPMs benchmark... lol
Have fun collecting and comparing these coins of creative verisimilitude!

I love the coin comparison!

Night's Watch imagination stimulation token

This coin is too intriguing to pass up! On one side an eclectic border around a hammer, sword and spade and on the other a bird - it fires the imagination!
Shown here: bigger than a 20c & smaller than a 50c, but thicker than both (with an SPM 1" sunset moon for size) this token is impressive: it has presence, heft, with a lovely rounded edge,

It's so lovely to see our coins next to real world coins!

It was the perfect surprise gift

Bought this for my sister. It's her favorite line from her favorite movie. She loved it so much.

That's amazing! I'm glad she loved it. This coin was designed and engraved by siblings so it is absolutely packed full of sibling energy!