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American Gods Coins - New Release

American Gods Coins - New Release

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest license - American Gods! We have developed the two main coins from the story that are carried by Shadow Moon. All coin designs have been approved by Neil Gaiman.

American Gods Sun Coin -
Mad Sweeney's Lucky Coin

"I take 'em from the Hoard. You just have to hold it in your mind and you can take whatever you want from it. The sun's treasure. You can keep whatever's precious to you."
–Mad Sweeney to Shadow Moon

  • Solid brass
  • .9" (23mm) diameter
  • Irregular, cracking edge

Shire Post Mint went through extensive research to infuse this coin design with ancient lore and meaningful symbology. The sun face is based on depictions of the Celtic god Belenus. The mistletoe on the bottom right is a nod to Baldr, the Norse sun god who was killed with mistletoe. The horse and wheel together call Belenus. The other surrounding elements are the sun, stars, and moon as depicted on ancient Celtic coins.

We attempt to replicate the look and feel of an ancient coin by using historically significant symbols, extending the design to the edge of the coin, engraving the design by hand, using a spherical blank that cracks during striking, and antiquing the coin. We hope you love the final product as much as we do.  

Get the American Gods Sun Coin here


American Gods Moon Coin -
Shadow's Liberty Head Coin

"Take the Moon."
“Just take it. Here. Don’t lose this. Don’t give it away. You’ve been given protection once. You had the sun itself. I can give you the moon. It’s the daughter, not the father.”

- Zorya Polunochnaya to Shadow Moon


  • Solid .999 fine silver
  • 1.5" (38mm) diameter
  • Reeded edge

One side of this coin is an accurate depiction of Earth’s moon at a 91,196,160:1 scale, representing this coin’s lunar power. The Liberty Head side includes some small celestial additions. Can you spot them all? 

Get the American Gods Moon Coin here

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