New Mistborn Coins

We're thrilled to announce the release of five brand new coins from the world of the Mistborn series of novels set in the Cosmere by number one New York Times best-selling author Brandon Sanderson.

About 300 years after The Final Empire in the Scadrial timeline, Elendel is the largest city in the Elendel Basin and is the center of government. Coins are used by Allomancers to fuel and facilitate their skills in performing feats beyond the ordinary in various ways. In addition to the Elendel Boxing and Clip denominations we released in 2017,  (as Set Two) we are now making:

Mistborn Irony Coin - Ironeyes 2-Boxing


  • A 2-Boxing coin - a large iron coin, colloquially called an “Irony” after its constituent material and the depiction of Ironeyes adorning its face.

Mistborn Elendel Set #3 | Half Spin and Breeze Coins

Mistborn Elendel Set #3 | Half Spin and Breeze Coins
  • A medium sized brass coin of Elendel, representing 20-Clips of value. It is known as a 2-Spin or colloquially as a “Breeze” as this features the visage of Lord Edgard Ladrian
  • Half-Spins are small zinc coins (ours are stainless steel for longevity) representing 5-Clips, also known as a“zinckel”

Mistborn Elendel Set #4 | Spin and Five-Spin Coins

Mistborn Elendel Set #4 | Spin and Five-Spin Coins
  • "Spins" are medium-sized coins, traditionally made in pewter (ours is stainless steel for durability) and representing 10 Clips worth of value. One side is a map of Elendel which lends itself to the phrase "taking a spin around the city."
  • Five-Spins, also known as 50-Clips, are large stainless steel coins of Elendel and the front features Tindwyl, Keeper of Terris.

These designs were brought to us by Isaac Stewart and Ben McSweeney of the Dragonsteel team. 

“It’s been amazing to work directly with Brandon’s team at Dragonsteel. I love that they trust us to expand the physical world of Scadrial in this way.”
-Helen Maringer

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