Pride Month 2021, La Cuna in Fayetteville

Happy Pride everyone!  🏳️‍🌈

For the entire month of June, 5% of all sales here on will be donated to La Cuna NWA (, a transitional and long-term housing project in Fayetteville, AR for LGBTQ+ and other vulnerable youths and families. La Cuna's mission also includes providing financial empowerment and more to those in need. La Cuna translates to "The Cradle" in English.

"Northwest Arkansas needs an inclusive safe haven that operates as a support system and provides resources to vulnerable communities experiencing housing insecurity. "

"Youth homelessness in Northwest Arkansas is a serious problem. A disproportionate number of homeless youth are queer and/or transgender. Many of those impacted become more susceptible to drug abuse and unsafe sexual practices to cope with hardship.

There is currently no safe place in Northwest Arkansas with staff trained specifically to aid, house, counsel and educate our especially vulnerable LGBT+ community. Nor is there a place that can provide such resources to families experiencing homelessness.

We aim to build a campus with specially trained staff to help empower LGBTQ+ youth, and other vulnerable youth and families (immigrants and refugees, in particular), experiencing homelessness. This facility, La Cuna, will provide: (1) longer-term housing opportunity and transitional housing for youth and families, (2) a non-faith and inter-faith chapel for spiritual healing, and (3) finally it will house nonprofits with related, complimentary missions.

A chapel is a necessary component because La Cuna recognizes that due to some parents’ religious intolerance many youth in the Bible belt experience homelessness after coming out.

We need a safe place in Northwest Arkansas with a trained staff and resources to support those who need it most."