Silver Stock Price Increase

This weekend, prices of silver hit an eight year high. 

At Shire Post Mint, we make many of our coins from pure .999 silver. In mid-2020 we increased our price of silver coins to reflect the rise of our silver cost during the pandemic. We want to avoid increasing our price of silver coins again for as long as possible, so we have made the choice to suspend minting of all silver coins for the time being. We hope that within a few months the silver market will level back out and we can return to business as usual without increasing our prices.

We have also decided to remove our silver coins from all active discount codes. Until further notice, discount codes will not apply to our silver coins or necklaces. This includes our monthly Moon flash sales through our newsletter.

We currently have many silver coins in stock now which you can still purchase. Just be aware that any silver coins that sell out may be out of stock for many months.

Thank you for being patient with us as we try to figure out what is best for you, our customers, and Shire Post Mint.

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