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Meet Our Artists

For more than 20 years, many talented artists have collaborated to bring Shire Post Mint coins to life. Learn about our artists and see collections of coins that they helped create.


Engravers use metalworking skills to turn coin designs and concepts into tiny 3D sculptures and are all designers in their own right. 

Woody Maringer

A self-taught engraver not bound by conventional methods, Mintmaster Woody experiments with varying tools and materials to create incredible details and innovative textures. 

See coins engraved and designed by Woody Maringer

Tom Maringer

Shire Post Mint's founder is inspired by historical techniques and creatively using the materials at hand. 

See coins engraved and designed by Tom Maringer.

New Dale of Erebor Smaug LOTR Coin

Greg Franck-Weiby (1950-2011)

Gregory Paul Franck-Weiby, or Ian Cnulle, The Moneyer of Silberbyrg, was one of Tom's first and most dedicated collaborators. Among countless engravings over his career, he spent 340 hours engraving our Daler of EREBOR™ design, thought by some to be his magnum opus as an engraver. Greg sadly passed away in 2011. His influence in helping Shire Post Mint become what it is today was enormous. 

See coins engraved and designed by Greg Franck-Weiby.

USA Worry Coin Copper
Ron Landis

Master Engraver Ron Landis created The Gallery Mint Museum of Eureka Springs, Arkansas with his longtime collaborator Joe Rust " establish a museum that would preserve the history, craftsmanship and artifacts associated with the minting of coins and printing of paper money."

See coins engraved and designed by Ron Landis

Vlad Dracula Silver Coin

Joe Paonessa

A modern hobo-nickel carver, Paonessa teaches the art and history of carving and donates pieces to be sold at Young Numismatist auctions. The Original Hobo Nickel Society recognized his work by offering him an honorary life membership in 2019, the same year the ANA accorded him an honorary Doctor of Numismatics degree. He recently celebrated the birth of a grandchild.

See coins engraved and designed by Joe Paonessa

Arion the Wanderer

Along with period coin making, Arion has other interests including: dyeing with mushrooms and lichens, early Greek and Roman music, leather and metal foil tooling, bow and arrow construction, and wood carving.

See coins engraved and designed by Arion the Wanderer

Walder Frey Castle Bridge Coin

Stan Pearson (1922-2006)

Based in Saint Louis, MO, Stan Pearson owned and operated Machine Engraving Co. from 1953 until he retired in 1988, specializing in the manufacture of jewelry dies and fine engraving for manufacturing jewelry companies. Stanley was a true artist in his profession.

See coins engraved and designed by Stan Pearson

Gary Carlisle

An engraver based in Oklahoma.

See coins engraved by Gary Carlisle

Should You Need Us Labyrinth Coin
Warren Smith

Warren Smith is a master hand engraver revered for his meticulous attention to detail, unrivalled craftsmanship and outstanding artistic designs. Born and raised in North Vancouver, BC, Warren currently works from his ranch/studio in the Okanagan Valley.

See coins engraved by Warren Smith

Felix Rasumny Conan the Barbarian Amra Lion Coin

Felix Rasumny (1869 – 1940)

Felix Rasumny (Феликс Разумный) was a Russian engraver who later emigrated to Paris. He was trained at the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs under such masters as Millet, Gauthier and Tasset. He exhibited his works at the Salon of the Societe des Artises Francais in 1891 and at the Exposition Universelle in 1900 (awarded with a silver medal). We have been honored to remint and repurpose some of Rasumny's original engravings.

See coins engraved by Felix Rasumny


A great coin starts with great art. 

Memento Mori Coin
Michael Shantz

Michael is an illustrator based artist from Canada. 

See coins designed by Michael Shantz

Mistborn Coin

Isaac Stewart

Author, artist, designer, and cartographer. Isaac is the Art Director to author Brandon Sanderson, Isaac has a pivotal role in developing the visual world of the Cosmere. 

See coins designed by Isaac Stewart

Maggie Ivy 

Ozark based illustrator and fine artist.

See coins designed by Maggie Ivy

Ellen Barkin (E.S. Barkin)

Swedish illustrator with a background in atelier painting and printmaking. 

See coins designed by Ellen Barkin

Michael Sweater

"I draw and write a LOT of comics and have had some experience in other visual arts like animation, tattooing, and sometimes I draw just for fun."

See coins designed by Michael Sweater

Naughty or Nice Krampus Santa Copper Coin
Frank the Human Boy

FTHB is an illustrator based in the UK. 

See coins designed by Frank the Human Boy

Rivendell Moon LOTR Coin
Dylan Craig

Dylan is a graphic designer based in Arkansas. He was also on the ground floor of forming the Tesseract Center for Immersive Environments and Game Design, an exciting project to bring education to students through online games.

See coins designed by Dylan Craig

Helen Maringer

Helen is the CEO of Shire Post Mint. Her artistic background is in Fine Art Photography.

See coins designed by Helen Maringer

Peggy Maringer

Peggy is a lifelong artist. She's been working behind the scenes of Shire Post Mint for decades to help grow and support this business.

See coins designed by Peggy Maringer

Nate Taylor

Illustrator Nate Taylor is a frequent collaborator with Patrick Rothfuss. Together they are able to bring to life the visual world of The Kingkiller Chronicle.

See coins designed by Nate Taylor

Should You Need Us Labyrinth Coin
Alexis Lampley

Alexis is an illustrator focusing on hand drawn and illustrated quotes.

See coins designed by Alexis Lampley

Rare Elements Foundry Coins by Shire Post Mint

Kerry Bodenbender

Rare Elements Foundry was founded in 2013 by Miya Sohoza & illustrator Kerry Bodenbender. In 2021, Shire Post Mint acquired the company. 

See coins designed by Kerry Bodenbender

Other Artists

Griffin Works Leather

"I have been a leather worker for well over 20 years. I learned how to tool leather in Boy Scouts and basic patterning and construction in junior high school. I became involved in medieval recreation and found I had a knack for my profession. Slowly I developed my business, and acquired a small team of workers to help in production. Most everything we make is patterned by myself, and I do all of the hand tooling myself." -Griffin

See pieces by Griffin Works Leather