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COVID-19 Announcement from Shire Post Mint

COVID-19 Update from Shire Post Mint:

We are still shipping new orders daily. See below for additional information.

See list of countries with suspended mail distribution

(July 20, 2020): We are still shipping daily. International orders continue to be extremely delayed. 

(May 21, 2020): Local businesses are slowly opening back up. We have asked our employees to return with strict sanitary guidelines: masks worn every day, sanitizer to be used on shared surfaces. 

(May 15, 2020): International orders are still being reported as extremely delayed, but they are getting delivered. Please be aware that your package may take 6-12 weeks to arrive if you are ordering from outside of the US. 

(May 7, 2020): According to multiple customers, International shipments are extremely delayed. Please allow 6-12 weeks for your International (outside of the US) order to arrive.

(April 24, 2020): We released a new item that is aimed to help limit the spread of germs while opening doors in public places: Door Openers. We sold out very quickly but plan to make more. You can request to be notified when those are back in stock on the product page.

(April 22, 2020): Many international (non-U.S.) customers have reported significant delays. Check with your local postal carriers for updates. If you need your international order quickly, we recommend considering choosing DHL as your carrier on checkout. 

(April 9, 2020): We are still shipping daily and have limited production staff working on designing and producing new coins.

(April 2, 2020): We are still shipping daily! All off-site work (like packaging coins in holders) is quarantined before being shipped out. 

(March 19, 2020): All is well at Shire Post Mint! As of Monday March 16th, Shire Post Mint has offered remote work to all employees during our voluntary quarantine. At this time, we are still shipping orders daily with limited physical staff. We haven’t seen any unusual shipping delays so far. We have instructed our staff on enhanced sanitation methods during shipping.  

Here is what you can expect from Shire Post Mint during this unprecedented time:

  • We will prioritize our employees’ health and safety above all else.
  • Orders for Shire Post Mint will continue to go out daily. We will make every effort to minimize delays. 
  • Any custom orders or customization requests should expect delays due to limited manufacturing staff.

Feel free to reach out to us about any questions that you may have. You can contact Helen at

Until further notice, our No-Worries Coin collection will be 25% off with code NOWORRIES

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