7th Anniversary Copper Gift Ideas for Him, Her, and Them

Congratulations on reaching your 7th Anniversary! The traditional gift is copper, atomic number 29. Copper represents the great fortune you've had in finding your parter and the good luck that carries you forward in marriage. The coin and necklace gifts we have curated are struck in solid copper and will last generations, long enough to become heirloom gifts.

"It's a beautiful piece. I got it to celebrate my wife and I having our 7th wedding anniversary and she loved it. As we sat in the car and she opened it she was very excited to open the envelope and has worn it a few times as well. It's perfect for a nerdy lady like her and I was glad it was a smashing success unlike some of the other anniversary gifts she has received." - Mimi, Elvish Copper Leaf of Fall Necklace