49th Anniversary Copper Gift Ideas for Him and for Her

Congratulations on reaching your 49th Anniversary! The traditional gift for the 49 Year Anniversary is copper, atomic number 29. Copper represents the great fortune you've had in finding your parter and the good luck that carries you forward in marriage. The coin and necklace gifts we have curated are struck in solid copper and will last generations, long enough to become heirloom gifts.

"I love it. I keep it on my bedside, & flip it once in a while determining whether I want to dream about Life or Death when I sleep that night.

Ideally, once women realized that a man enjoys heavy objects made of metal, one has sixty of these to scrabble around in a wooden box by the time you're 60.

When your grandchild comes over you can say "pick one" from your magic box of treasures. They will play with them, save them, lose them as a child is wont to do. When all the gifts are gone from the box, you can leave this world lightly, unencumbered by possessions.

Would recommend to a friend and enemy, alike."
 - Shawn, Memento Mori / Memento Vivere Reminder Coin