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Nice EDC Reminder Coin

The coin was much thicker than I was expecting.
I think it is as thick, or thicker than an Eisenhower Dollar, but has the diameter closer to a half dollar.

The detail on the imprint is very nice.

Not much else to say, mostly posting this review so I can include some pictures.

[Note: the bronze version appears to be a little thicker than the Silver version.]

Pick a wax seal "coin", reuse handle interchangeably & easily, store properly...

The magnetic handle is broad ranging, i'm fact i'm on my second one, because magnetic handle no.1 is magnetically attached to something metallic in my unit. I stored it attached to... (chair leg? desk leg? stove hood? refrigerator? hot water cylinder? metal pipe? shower frame? washer? drier?). :P and after 6 months of not finding it; ordered the next one :(
But for real people in real life the magnetic handle grabs anything Fe based and needs to be slid off (rare earth magnets take their job seriously around the clock; they are permanently on duty).
So when "loading" your pre-chilled seals, using wax or glue to make a seal on an envelope or card, then swapping seal "coins" {emblems? insignia?} around, the handle is easy to use, then the handle can be used again for the next seal, and then the handle is best stored with the seals (who cluster adoringly around it, lol) not on something random & metallic as per my missing one... :(
So the magnetic handle system is useful as a 1 stop seal attachment handle, it's interchangeable with other seals, it grips well all the time and can be enough fun to lose :) It's usefulness beats the **** in versions that come with other wax seals and having 1 handle for all the SPM seals reduces clutter in my wax seal equipment box. Why doesn't everybody use a magnetic handle and Fe based seals? SPM got there first (afaik) and it's a great idea, get yours and with your seals (and don't lose it!). [if you're wondering about Fe = ferrum which is Latin for iron]

A Coin To Remember Them By

A coin to remember them by, a coin on the altar, a coin of such craftsmanship, a coin that will never falter.


What better way to top off a fountain pen written note or card, than with a Wax Seal?

I like the shade of this burgundy. It is very similar to Diamine- Red Dragon fountain pen ink. Pairing the two together is very nice. It gives a bit of extra care that one misses with mass produced items.

I haven't used other waxes, so I don't know of a better one. Therefore I must give it five stars.

Remember , Remember

¡Remember , Remember
Those Who Died
Come November
Coins Forever
On The Ofrendas!

Should you Buy this Coin?

Its a decision making coin and mine is telling you yes you should buy this coin!! Really nice texture, no sharp points on the design and feels great in the hand. Slightly thinner than the go to sleep coins. Very happy with my purchase

Simple and Awesome

I do a lot of fidgeting and I've found most sliders kind of annoying. This has a good hand feel, nice haptic feedback and is very quiet, so I can use it whenever and wherever I want. I have pretty big hands and they feel just right. It was a very solid purchase!


These sliders are just wonderful. The size is great for carrying around. They possess a solid heft; feels well made. The edges are textured with a pattern that gives a solid grip but isn't sharp. I can click them, pop them in and out of their channels, slide them- lots of ways to play around. The ridges make them easy to carry. I really enjoy these- I'm happy to find a haptic set of coins that don't have a magnet. Thanks Shite Post- these are sweet!

Mars and beyond

Unique, one of a kind Mars medal. Must have for any coin or space enthusiast.

Red rover, red rover

Shire post delivers excellent quality once again! The detail is fantastic and the tiny moons are adorable. I got the necklace and the size and weight are perfect. A worthy addition to the Shire Post universe.

A wonderful gift.

Gave this as a birthday gift. Liked very much. This and the other minted coins are great for the person that has everything.

Brass never thought it’d get this innings!

Love the colour, the patina and the fine detail – it’s worth getting this coin first, for the care and scrupulous craftsmanship taken in minting it – the other colours follow naturally as the collection grows, then pendants follow that, but the warm, golden glow of this rich & comforting colour beckoned me first...

So nice I bought it twice!

This coin pouch is top quality. The leather feels amazing and the hardware is sturdy. Perfect for coins of all sizes!

Another Amazing Coin

The bronze is gorgeous! The color and feel are top notch!


The coin I ordered is amazing. Great quality. What I didn't expect was the packaging. It's personalized and worthy of framing.. which I did. Very satisfied. Thank you.

Lucky Ducky

Love the size, the weight, and the color. The edges are rounded off a bit- another nice touch. The duck side is great. Only quibble is with the "fingers crossed" side - the back finger is pretty faint and it looks like #1 or shaking "no no". Wish it had a little more definition. But all in all this is a welcome addition to my collection.

The details are exquisite

I’ve purchased several of these coins and I’m always impressed at the exquisite details presented. The picture illustrates a recent purchase set with a copper bezel and bail.


I just love this coin! It works so well for any added little flair to an art project or invitation I’m working on! Especially with a colored wax!

Beautiful beyond belief

Worth delving where perhaps we shouldn’t have … the last of the crescent moon shaped coins in the series that I needed. Well worth the wait, the effort, and the cost.

Extremely Lucky Coin | Copper Horseshoe | 5 Leaf Clover
Stella S.

Love this lucky coin❣️l will continue to purchase your other offerings! Thank you 😊

Great necklace

I replaced the chain with an amber necklace my wife made for me. It looks very nice with the misshaped beads and the detail of the pendant. I really enjoy it and have gotten a few remarks on it these last few days.

What a great experience!

Super fun little shop with a view of the mint press. Also check out the dragon shirts and really cool hobbit door on the outside!!!

Seriously impressive

One of my favorite coins I have in my collection now. Copper + space, what more could you need?

Lucky Penny
They might be leprechauns

I bought this to keep in my wallet and the coin itself is very cute and easy to tuck in a side pocket. Now I’m not saying the mint is magical but I’ve definitely been on a lucky streak since I’ve gotten it ;-P

Great quality!

The worry stone is nice and weighted so you can feel it in your hand. The triangle side is a bit rougher but the texture works for me and it’s great to fiddle with.