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Crash Course Coins 2024!

Crash Course Coins 2024!

We're proud and honored to be the makers of the Crash Course coin for the last several years. If you're unfamiliar, Crash Course was started by John Green and Hank Green to create high quality educational content across a variety of curriculum topics that are available to all, regardless of ability to pay. They're able to provide these courses to the public for free in part from the funds raised from the sale of these coins each year, which each represent the number of learners you're helping Crash Course reach. Please join us in supporting this most worthy of causes!

For the 2024 Coin and see why it's important
Check out their website for news and to learn more here! 
Check out their catalog of courses here! 
"This year's design features figs, representing growth and knowledge. Archaeological evidence suggests figs are one of the earliest cultivated crops, dating back more than 11 thousand years and pushing back previous understandings of when human agriculture began. The design reminds us that when we get curious about the world around us, we discover and create new knowledge. and that project of meaning-making connects us to the earliest humans and all the generations yet to come. 
The illustrations are ringed with the words "Knowledge Weighs Nothing, Carry All You Can." This coin isn't a huge thing, but it represents something massive." - Crash Course
The 2024 coins come in Copper (2000 Learner), a bi-metal Bronze and Nickel-silver (10,000 Learner) serialized, and a titanium (20,000 Learner) serialized version. Hand engraved by Woody Maringer, struck on antique presses. 
Previous Years: 
 "We spent a fair amount of energy figuring out these coins, and for the reverse side, we settled on something that combined art, history, science, and humanity: the first-ever drawings of human neurons by Santiago Ramón y Cajal. These drawings are still being used to help people understand how we understand, and so it seemed perfect for our first inaugural Crash Course coin." - Hank Green, Crash Course
"Featured on this year's coin is the work of unknown artists who lived in what is now France around 17,000 years ago. The art as Lascaux Cave has fascinated people ever since its modern discovery in 1940. The 2,000 learner coins and the patron coins are minted on nickel silver while the 10,000 learner coins are minted on thicker brass and each one of those will be hand stamped with a unique number. There will only be 500 of these made, and each one will come with a signed thank you card from me, Hank Green and my brother John." - Hank Green, Crash Course
"The reverse side features a design inspired by one of the iconic photos taken by the James Webb telescope in 2022. JWST's infrared capabilities allowed us to see galaxies that are much farther away and older than we'd ever seen before. To us, this photo represents the collaboration of hundreds of thousands of people. It reminds us that all knowledge is gained through communal efforts. There's no person in the history of people who has built knowledge alone." - Crash Course

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