Tooth Fairy Coins not yet seen on Earth

If you are reading this, a portal has opened.
“Tis better to have had teeth and lost them than to have never had teeth at all.”
-Twig Silverpool, Prime Minister of Tooth🦷
Tooth Fairy Kit | Shire Post Mint
Tooth Fairy's DELUXE Kit above.
“...our sole Earth-based distributor, Shire Post Mint, has received and made available for global [H. SAPIENS] adapted use."
Tooth Fairy Coins | Shire Post Mint
One side of the coin is a classic depiction of a molar, the other proclaims "Tooth Fee" in the runes of Elder Futhark and Dente Nvmisma, Latin for "Tooth Coin", surrounding the initials of the esteemed Tooth Fairy position.
Tooth Fairy Stamps | Shire Post Mint
Moisture-activated adhesive stamps are hand-perforated for easy separation.
More steady in value than human money, the Bank of Tooth has a time-fixed 1:1 tooth-to-coin valuing system.

• 20x Bronze fairy coins
• 1 Toothsters Union Member Affiliate Certificate
• 1 Wax-sealed cloth bag
• 20x Bank of Tooth envelopes
• 20x Moisture-activated fairy stamp
• 20x Notes from the tooth fairy
• 20x Envelopes for tooth containment
• 20x Moisture-activated tooth stamp

Standard Set

• 20x Bronze fairy coins
• 1 Toothsters Union Fairy Affiliate Document
• Wax-sealed Foldy Packaging

Tooth Fairy Set of 20 Bronze Coins | Shire Post Mint