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Take No Prisoners

Though the Dread Pirate Roberts never made any of his own coinage, we think he could have made coins that looked like this! This heavy copper coin is dated 1721 and features grinning a pirate's face with a blade in his teeth. On the reverse, a skull and crossbones and the inscription, TNP for Take No Prisoners. The coin that never was for pirate legend Bartholomew Roberts, Black Bart, the Dread Pirate Roberts. Perfect for any pirate hoard.


  • Solid copper, 8.2 grams

  • 2.4 cm diameter

This Dread Pirate Roberts Coin from the world of the Great Pirates is struck from solid copper, measures 2.4 cm in diameter, and weighs about 8.2 grams.

Designed and engraved by Tom Maringer. Learn more about our artists.

© Shire Post Mint. All rights reserved.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Jim B.
Beautifully Made

Being a huge fan of the Princess Bride getting hold of this Dread Pirate coin was a must buy. As with my other Shire Mint coins the quality of the design and manufacturing is incredible. Shire Mint produce some of the best EDC coins around.

Byron M.

Fun coin—I think of "The Princess Bride" book & movie each time I see it. I like the very 3-dimensional nature of this coin. Thanks, SPM.

Dread Pirate Roberts Coin

Great looking coin and great design, makes me wonder if it’s not the real deal

Dread Pirate Roberts Coin

The countdown to Christmas is almost over and I can not wait until my husband opens his gift! The coin is perfect, small yet well made, and carrying nostalgia to make a perfect keepsake.

Tho. M.

Dread Pirate Roberts Coin

Dread Pirate Roberts Coin in Solid Copper
Dread Pirate Roberts Coin in Solid Copper Sale price$12.00