The Return of OSIRIS-REx!

We are thrilled to be celebrating the return of the OSIRIS-REx NASA asteroid study mission back to Earth!

A quick primer to catch you up: OSIRIS-REx is the first U.S. mission to collect a sample from an asteroid, specifically the largest pristine rock and dust material sample from the asteroid Bennu, which will give scientists a window into the time when the very Sun and planets of our solar system were forming ~4.5 billion years ago! 

Sunday, Sept. 24 the explorer will be returning after 7 years to drop off the sample capsule, and will then be diverted past Earth toward the asteroid Apophis where it will continue investigating our solar system as OSIRIS-APEX! The sample will be retrieved, documented, and distributed for analysis to scientists worldwide. 

To celebrate the return of the mission, we will be offering the OSIRIS-REx Limited Edition Silver Sample Collection Coin (which contains a piece of real meteorite!) at a reduced price, and EVERY purchase will get a FREE Sample Return Coin as a bonus! The sale will last from Friday, Sept. 22 2023 - Sunday, Sept. 24 2023 midnight. Simply place an order within the date range and you will receive your free coin with purchase.


OSIRIS-REx Limited Edition Silver Sample Collection Coin (with meteorite!)

OSIRIS-REx Launch Coin

OSIRIS-REx Sample Return Coin

To read more about the OSIRIS-REx mission go here!  

Collect your piece of science history today, before it disappears into the void of space!