Raven Penny of New Dale


Raven Chief Roäc™ Brings News of Smaug™

Minted in year 4 of the Fourth Age, 84 years after the death of the dragon Smaug in the city of New Dale. It commemorates the intelligent raven chief Roäc, son of Carc™, who spoke to Thorin Oakenshield and told him of Smaug's death. On the reverse is a scene of New Dale below the Lonely Mountain. Bard the Bowman™ rebuilt Dale after it was destroyed by Smaug's attack.

  • Solid copper, 3.5 grams

  • 2 cm diameter

Designed and engraved by Tom Maringer. Learn more about our artists.


“Roäc", “Smaug”, “Carc”, " Bard the Bowman", and “The Lord of the Rings” and the names of the characters, items, events and places therein are trademarks of Middle-earth Enterprises, LLC used under license by Maringer Studio LLC DBA Shire Post Mint.

Customer Reviews

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Peter S.
Realistic and archaic fantasy coinage.

I feel this is one of Shire Post's most handsome coins. Looks plausibly like something Nu Dal would mint to honor a historical hero, the raven Ruak Karkson (in suitably archaic runic spelling). High relief and medieval-looking design; about the thickness of a US penny.

Marie E.
Super cool coins

This is the second item I have ordered from Shire Post Mint and I’m just as happy with it as the first order.
The coins are as pictured and they look authentic and they also FEEL authentic.
They are such cool products that exceeded my expectations. As a LoTR nerdy super fan it’s 10/10 and I’ll order more!

Teo G.
This is gorgeous and my cat loves it

Presumably my tortoise loves it too but he doesn't say much. His hoard is small yet mighty. Anyway, the penny is very pretty, I think a lot of effort went into the design, and I'm very happy I got it. The little letter that comes with it is also cute.

Amazingly Rendered

What a unique coin. Obviously different from coins from other realms of Middle Earth, but also, just as obviously, belonging to the Middle Earth reality. Amazing, interesting detail on both sides.

Fernando C.S.
Preciosa y con alto relieve

La moneda tiene un relieve muy marcado, de manera que resalta a la perfeccion la imagen del cuervo y la ciudad... así como las runas en ambas caras. El reto navideño para los pequeños, si quieren quedarse con una de las dos monedas sera el proceso deductivo para leer las runas a partir del mismo proceso que con el mapa. El tamaño, para México, se compara entre una modena de peso y de cincuenta centavos, llego perfecta en tres semanas por el servicio postal, que creo es la opcion ideal para no pasar pesadillas con los couriers.

Que divertido!

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