Copper Orb - 2.25" Sphere - 1.75 lb


Beautifully weighted

  • 1.75 lb (795 grams) of Pure Copper, 99.9% purity
  • 2.25" (5.7 cm) diameter
  • Includes a 1" concave copper stand - perfect for displaying, pondering, and spinning your orb.
  • Tumbled and polished to a lovely finish.
  • Comes securely packed in a black paper tube with gold Shire Post Mint logo and verdigris colored lining.

We cast these large Orbs in house using the pure copper left over from minting our coins. This process ensures copper purity as well as helps us to use our excess material. Once we use up our excess copper, these will go out of stock until we have enough material saved to make another batch.

Casting Copper Spheres | Shire Post Mint Forged Gifts

The Copper Orb can be used in a variety of ways: desk toy, meditation tool, RPG prop, a long-lasting gift, mini shot put training, forbidden cue ball, spiritual hot potato, non-bouncing bouncy ball, hard mode juggling, try to hatch a dragon from it, and more!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Emma S.

Happily pondering my beautifully crafted orb!! Waited a week before purchasing to make sure it wasn’t an impulse purchase and I still think it was a great idea a week after receiving it. Beautiful.

Fantastic! Happy pondering!

Dr M.G.
Lovely looking Orb!

Loved the look of it and the Sheen!
I have shopped around but could never quite find the right combination of Quality vs Price, until now!
Very happy with my purchase.
Thank you.

Fantastic! I'm glad you are pleased with the Orb!

Joseph E.
Spheres are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have ordered a number of these spheres in the past and they are always perfectly polished and feel great in hand as well as everyone wants one! real cool decorations for sure!

I'm glad you like them! The surface it work hardened so hopefully it will hold up really well to decades of use!

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