Burnt Supreme Pizza Coin with Tiny Pizza Box


Oops, we forgot to set a timer! This Pizza Coin got burned!

In a world filled with pizza it seems like there's never enough of it! Enter the permanent-pan pizza coin! Inedible, as hard as solid copper and topped with only the most finely detailed, cold-pressed ingredients delivered straight to your doorstep. Longer than 1-hour delivery guaranteed! This pizza coin is minted in our knuckle press and left unsliced. The wavy rack lines on the bottom crust are smooth and make for an excellent worry coin surface. Just like home-cookin' the blackened finish on this version is non-permanent and will gradually wear away with enough day-to-day handling. "Just scrape off the burnt, it'll be fine!"


  • Supreme Pizza Coin in solid copper, unsliced. 100% Arkansas-made!
  • One Miniature Pizza Box (hand-folding required for assembly). The perfect display packaging for your pizza. We designed, revised and prototyped, then laser-cut and stamp each box one at a time on site.
  • Packaging with both useful and useless pizza facts!

This coin weighs in at 32g, is 1.58" (40mm) around, and takes 90 tons to mint. That's the same weight as 180,000 16oz bags of cheese!

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Pizza Coin collection:

Original pizza coin artwork was designed by Michael Shantz, engraved by Woody Maringer.  Learn more about our artists.

Though it looks tasty, don't eat this pizza! 

 © Shire Post Mint

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Cristian G.

Unboxing experience was so incredible. Such details into everything. I love my coin and I bought one for a friend


A cool EDC coin for pizza lovers or those who just like curiosities.

For those wondering about the temporary blackened coating on this "Burnt" version, it wears off little by little with gentle handling. After a couple days, bare copper shines through along the rim of the crust, and about a week later it looks like a weathered copper coin that's pleasingly tarnished.

Thanks for the update on the patina! We always like hearing how our coins evolve once they leave our hands :)

Rich a.M.M.

I got the set of pizzas, and they each are perfect! The order took no time to get here either! All around fantastic!!!

Jeremy C.
Crispy Pizza

I missed out on the deep dish option and wasn't sure how this one would feel in hand. I can say that the weight and size of this are perfect. I love it and the patina is wearing off beautifully.

Omar R.
First of many to come!

This beautiful burnt pizza coin is one of the most quirkiest things on my desk. Its SO well made its worth all my coin! Eyeing those moon coins now 😍🔥🔥🔥

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