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Dothraki Copper Pul

Sale price$19.47

Treasure of the Horse Lords

Though the Dothraki do not believe in currency and instead use trade and reciprocal gifting, people in cities that they trade with will cut apart their stamped armbands into pieces and use them when bartering. These copper pieces feature Khal Drogo on horseback with the inscription, "Khal Drogo Dothraki" on the reverse.


  • Solid copper, about 3 grams

  • 3.8 cm long approximately

Designed and engraved by Greg Franck-Weiby. Learn more about our artists.

Officially licensed A Song of Ice and Fire merchandise © George R. R. Martin. All rights reserved.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John M.
Christmas gifts

The Dothraki Copper Pul, leather pouch, and the Scouring the Shire coins are Christmas gifts; I’ll send feedback after the holiday!

Melissa F.
Great piece

I liked that there are things like this out there to make the GoT world a little more interesting. Something to have that opens up that universe a little more and helps bring it to life.

Jason H.
Definitely a unique piece

To thing that this is a piece of a bracelet that can be broken up into smaller units. The piece of eight of Westeros? As always, detail work is top notch.

I had wondered how we’d see Dothraki coins...

The explanation on how these Dothraki pul exist is quite awesome to me... a full explanation can be found on the insert with the coin. It is a fun piece with its odd stamped wire shape and adds some visual texture to a handfull of other in-world coins.

Dothraki pul

Like the full armband it features some lovely horses and dothraki writing. For any fan of khal drogo they can't be passed up.

Dothraki Copper Pul
Dothraki Copper Pul Sale price$19.47