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Vin's Flattened Clip - Mistborn

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Crushed by Allomantic Forces


"Vin held up the object—the coin they had Pushed between them. It was bent and flattened from the pressure."
—Mistborn: The Final Empire
  • Solid copper, 2.7 grams

  • 2.2 cm in diameter, shapes and sizes vary
  • More oval than circular

When Vin and Kelsier both Pushed against each other on the same Clip, their sparring turned into a physical contest amplified by Allomantic power. The coin became bent and flattened from the opposing forces of the two Mistborn burning steel to Push each other. Vin eventually lost the shoving match, and Kelsier gave her the distorted coin as a keepsake. She would often think back on this lesson, that her smaller size and weight put her at a disadvantage in purely physical battles, and would learn to apply her Allomancy in increasingly clever ways.

Clips are small copper coins used by nobles for the purchase of small items. The obverse features an image of the Lord Ruler surrounded by the words “One Clip” inscribed in the Steel Alphabet. On the reverse is the symbol for copper surrounded by the Steel Alphabet number 1.

Coin design by Isaac Stewart and Ben McSweeney, engraving by Woody Maringer. 

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Based on the Mistborn books by Brandon Sanderson, copyright Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC.: Mistborn: The Final Empire © 2006, The Well of Ascension © 2006, The Hero of Ages © 2007, The Alloy of Law © 2011, Shadows of Self © 2015, and Bands of Mourning © 2016,

Customer Reviews

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Coin press

It was a flatten coin from a press one would reel out themselves at a tourist attraction. The advertised pictures and descriptions made it seem it would be one of the many coins Shire Post prints and then flattened and distressed to see battle worn but this is a print that went thru a standard penny press with zero frills. You don’t even feel indents anymore. Hopefully they make some real versions of this coin someday.

Elizabeth H.

Cosmere superfans or regular Mistborn readers, don't miss out! I ordered the full set of Mistborn coins and was blown away by not only the attention to detail (each coin is suburb in quality and exactly how I imagined) but the packaging and shipping as well! I received beautifully wrapped coins with wax seals and a hand written thank you note! I own a small business too and you can tell how much Shire Post Mint cares. Cannot recommend enough.


Great condition, considering it was steelpushed by two powerful allomancers!

Super thematic

Very authentic to what I imagine it’d look like for real. Great little token

Irene R.

Vin's Flattened Clip - Mistborn

Mistborn coins - Vin and Kelsier flattened copper Clip of The Final Empire - novels by Brandon Sanderson - coin by Shire Post Mint
Vin's Flattened Clip - Mistborn Sale price$13.91