Elvish Copper Leaf of Fall Necklace


A Leaf of HOLLIN™

  • Solid copper, 6.4 grams

  • 2.5 cm pendant
  • 30" stainless steel cable chain

Also known as Eregion (meaning Land of the Holly in Sindarin), Hollin was an Elven Realm of the Ñoldorin Elves during the Second Age. It was located near the West Gate of Moria, or Khazad-dûm. These coins were made by the Ñoldorin Elves while under the rule of Celebrimbor, the great Elven-smith and forger of the Rings of Power. Hollin was later destroyed during the War of the Elves and Sauron.

The Tengwar side translates from Sindarin:

“Star-kindler, O Elbereth! White shining slants down like the Silmarils from the heavens - the radiance of the star-host.”
On the reverse, in Dwarf Runes (Angerthas Moria):
“Under Celebrimbor, lord of Eregion Tegilbor made me in the eleventieth year of the third yen.”
The bilingual inscriptions indicate the Elves and Dwarves in this region maintained amicable relations and traded freely for years during the Second Age.

Designed and engraved by Greg Franck-Weiby. Learn more about our artists.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Necklace Copper Leaf of Autumn/ (made me) Fall...into purchasing it :)

I got this as a reminder of the season and wore it daily for our Autumn.
The pendant is light and the chain is great, [no encumbrance penalty] , and it makes a great LotR talking point.
Pic is of my {protected between shirts...it brushed up well!)} pendant compared to the coin version {covered in my fingerprints, lol,} the chain is the SPM black one, cos i strung them randomly.
Yet another SPM enticement of the skilled handiwork variety; show-off quality level - aren't they all? ;) (thumbs up)

It's always neat to see how the patina changes with wear!

John G.
Nice Detail!

Nicely detailed and very well made

Ryan K.
Elvish copper leaf of fall necklace

It's a high quality piece for sure. The inscriptions on both sides are well done with a lot of detail. Lightweight and just the right size to show your love for the books/movies. All the copper coins from SPM take on a nice patina after enough handling. You wont regret it.

Amy K.
Lovely piece!

Beautiful and crafted with care. The brass acquired a darker bronze patina quite quickly, which looks lovely, and the chain (which I received in bronze, though a silver one was pictured) matches it perfectly. The details on the pendant are amazing. The necklace is longer than I usually wear, but it suits the size of the pendant and can be clasped higher to adjust the length as needed. I wanted a subtle way of carrying my love of Tolkien with me—this is perfect!

Mimi T.
Anniversary Gift - Success

It’s a beautiful piece. I got it to celebrate my wife and I having our 7th wedding anniversary and she loved it. As we sat in the car and she opened it she was very excited to open the envelope and has worn it a few times as well. It’s perfect for a nerdy lady like her and I was glad it was a smashing success unlike some of the other anniversary gifts she has received.

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