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Fire Dragon and Ice Hydra Copper Token

Sale price$27.84

Buff your stats now before entering combat! From our Rare Elements Foundry designs, these beautiful behemoths are ready to bless your backstory...

Rivers of molten lava flow deep beneath the Chasm, carving passages untouched by daylight.  It is said that a mighty fire dragon sleeps in its abyss.  Ua’Bala he is named; Bringer of Plague. Legends speak of mountains trembling when he stirs in his sleep, and of scales the sickly green of decay, covering a body bloated from centuries of gluttony and evil.

Your breath billows out in a cloud as you carefully cross the ice. Snow-capped mountains rise up on all sides, creating a natural bowl for the frozen lake. A snapping sound echoes through the frigid air as the ice beneath your feet begins to crack and splinter. Ahead, shards of ice erupt into the air, cascading down in chunks. As you lose your balance on the treacherous footing, a monstrous reptilian head snakes high above you, followed by another.  Then another. Five heads, five maws ready to drink the warmth from your bones.  The Ice Hydra has come. Fight or flee?

  • Solid copper
  • 1.5" diameter
  • 26 grams

  • A Rare Elements Foundry Coin struck by Shire Post Mint. Coin design by Kerry Bodenbender. Learn more about our artists.

    © Shire Post Mint. All rights reserved.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    WT i.A.
    Fun Tokens

    Dragon images are very detailed. I bought these as gifts and they were appreciated very much!

    John G.
    Details matter

    Great set of coins..well made with quality materials and detailed casting

    Perfect gift for a year of the dragon bday !

    EDC..✓ dragons✓ fidget✓ gorgeous✓

    Gary H.
    A Stellar Piece

    The size and weight are just right. A touch larger than a Morgan Silver Dollar, perfect for
    watch pocket carry. The artwork is excellent with deep embossing and great contrast. A Stellar Piece.

    Byron M.
    Fire Dragon & Ice Hydra

    Interesting coin—really appreciate the backstory of the design. Artistically it is energetic & elegant. I'm a fan!

    Fire Dragon and Ice Hydra Copper Token
    Fire Dragon and Ice Hydra Copper Token Sale price$27.84