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The Hobbit™ Set #4 - The Shire Four Haypennies

Sale price$33.23

THE SHIRE™ Haypennies

  • Each coin is 2.2 grams of solid copper

  • .7 in (1.8 cm) diameter

Four Haypennies in pure copper from The Shire. Each denomination of Shire coinage has 4 variations featuring different trees or tree branches. This four tree group contains all four possible tree branches: pine, elm, willow, and oak. Also known as a Half Penny, a Hobbit could use this to buy a small bale of hay for his or her pony. Surrounding the tree, “Half Penny of the Shire, Abode of the Hobbits.” On the reverse “Shire Year,” the date, and “Michel Delving.” Coin text is inscribed in Tengwar.

Designed and engraved by Greg Franck-Weiby. Learn more about our artists.


“The Hobbit”, “Middle-earth”, “The Shire”, “The Lord of the Rings”, and the characters, events, items and places therein are trademarks of Middle-earth Enterprises, LLC used under license by Maringer Studios LLC dba Shire Post Mint. All Rights Reserved.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ben M.
An amazing product!

It’s difficult to imagine topping the authenticity of these coins. They’re so individualized, with such attention to detail, that holding them conveys the very real impression of being transported away — of a fantasy realm made real and just out of sight. Repeat-purchaser, and will likely purchase from again!

Eliza L.

The Hobbit™ Set #4 - The Shire Four Haypennies

Jason H.
More Hobbit collection goodness

SPM continues to work their magic for these Shire haypennies. A pretty affordable set as well.

Hobbit set #4

Another great set. I have several and every one is different. I have some that have a purplish and bluish tint to them and others that look like shinny copper or dark brown shades. They are small around a US dime but they are packed with details and look fantastic.

Etsy Review

I have ordered a few different coins from him and as always fast shipping, well crafted pieces, and a great addition to any collector of sci-fi and fantasy props and stuff.

The Hobbit™ Set #4 - The Shire Four Haypennies
The Hobbit™ Set #4 - The Shire Four Haypennies Sale price$33.23