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The Red Planet

A great worry coin, gift, or reminder coin. 

This coin of Mars was created using areographical data from NASA and is areographically correct at 1:214,195,583.59 scale to Mars.

  • Struck in 31.5g of solid copper
  • Expert patina to highlight the engraving
  • 1.25" (3.17 cm) diameter
  • Packaging comes with a description of the coin and Mars Facts!
  • Available as a charm or necklace

Mars has been known since ancient times because it is visible without a telescope. The red planet has captivated our curiosity and become a focal point of space exploration as we seek to answer questions about our solar system. 

This beautiful coin has been a dream of ours since 2018, and with perseverance, we have finally completed the endeavor!

Designed and engraved by Ben Meehan and Woody Maringer. Learn more about our artists. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Diana M.
The Red Planet is beautiful!

I am especially thrilled with the copper Mars coin. The color is perfect. I feel closer to Mars now that I can inspect and feel it's features on this coin.

Cale G.
Mars and beyond

Unique, one of a kind Mars medal. Must have for any coin or space enthusiast.

Byron M.

I enjoy the moon coins and now the Mars coin as well. The copper color is a great selection and the mass of this coin is impressive. If you make more celestial bodies coins I'm in! Thanks very much for this. Next best thing to vacationing on Mars. :)

Michael S.
Spoiling us with the quality.

It’s nice to hold Mars in my hand. Great job as usual.

I’ve bezel set three moon coins previously and they sold like hotcakes. Thank you.

Jason H.
For Fans of the Moon Coins (or just astronomy in general)

Finally, a new celestial body in coin form. The red planet receives a the SPM coin treatments. The details of the Martian surface come alive in this new piece. I was fortunate to get mine with the two Martian moon pieces as a bonus.

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Mars Coin - Copper Sale price$27.51