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Naughty or Nice Wax Seal Coin Set - Krampus and Santa

Sale price$41.85

Which list are you on this year?

These Naughty or Nice wax seal coins are great for correspondence to the North Pole or for scaring an unruly kiddo into behaving like an angel.

  • Magnetic Steel Wax Seal Coin
  • 9.9 g of magnetic stainless steel
  • 1.03 in / 2.6 cm diameter
  • Detailed Krampus + Santa portraits
  • Comes in a red burlap bag with Krampus/Santa wax seals on either side
  • Magnetic handle and glue are not included.

Naughty / Krampus

If you’ve been good then you have nothing to fear. If you’ve misbehaved...hopefully you’re good at hiding. It is told that Krampus, the half-man/half-goat counterpart to Santa, punishes misbehaving children by beating them with birch branches. Some disappear, stuffed into Krampus’s sack, and hauled off to his lair. He is shown on the coin baring his terrible fangs.

Nice / Santa

Known for his jovial nature and generosity, this legend is known for bringing gifts to the homes of well-behaved children. He goes by many different names: Sinterklaas, Santa Clause, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, Papa Noel, and Père Noël. He is said to live at the North Pole where he spends the year making toys with the help of his elves. He's shown on the coin with a fur coat, and crown of holly leaves, and exhaling a frosty breath.

*Shire Post Mint takes no responsibility for coal received after the use of these seals


Coin design by Frank the Human Boy, engraving by Woody Maringer. Learn more about our artists. 

© Shire Post Mint. All rights reserved.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Great quality coins.

Timothy V.
Looking forward to the X-Mas card season!

I have never used a magnetic style wax seal before, but it feels like a strong hold and should work well. Of course, they look amazing and will be a great addition to my X-mas season cards! Shire Post is all about high quality sweet design!

Naughty or Nice Wax Seal Coin Set | Shire Post Mint
Naughty or Nice Wax Seal Coin Set - Krampus and Santa Sale price$41.85