One More Game / Go to Bed Copper Decision Maker Coin





Restore your mana and fortify yourself for another game! Shuffle the deck, gather your pogs, line up your die and grab some gamer juice to stay at peak performance-- those points won’t earn themselves!


I used to be a gamer like you until I took a coin to the knee! You’re out of potions, take a dirt nap! You died of dysentery. No more screen peeking!

  • Minted from Solid Copper - 18 grams
  • 1.4 in diameter (3.5 cm)
  • Features a variety of gaming-related things from a variety of game types
  • Mesmerizing sheep to aid with sleep
  • D20 natural 20 side up

  • [...SAVING]

    Coin design by Michael Shantz, engraved by Woody Maringer.  Learn more about our artists.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Super coin

    Very nice build and excellent finish

    Donald M.
    One more...

    I got the coin for my boss at work as a housewarming gift.What do you give a gamer for a housewarming gift,a gaming decision maker coin.He loved it.

    Rae R.
    100% One more Game

    One more game and one more coin!!! Love these coins; nice weight and size. The go to bed stars are a little more pointy than I can sometimes texturally handle but I still love it. Great detail in the design, so happy!!!

    Also their packaging is Top Notch, so cute and clever. Just perfect

    Great gift for gamers

    Got as a gift for a gamer friend who has truly terrible sleeping habits. He loved it, and hopefully he will go to bed at some point in the future.

    Joseph R.
    Sooo Nice

    Absolutely beautiful coin! It was wrapped extremely well for those looking to give a gift (or just want an extra treat). I will 100% be back.

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    We collaborate with many artists to create our coins. Learn more about our artists.

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