Tehlin Penance Piece - Kingkiller Chronicle Coin in Bronze

  • 1.3" Inch (3.3cm) in height
  • 8 grams of solid Bronze

“Strictly speaking, the Penance Piece isn’t a true part of the Aturan currency, and as such is not included in Quiat Auriam, and has no fixed exchange rate.

Despite this, it proves a remarkably stable coinage, and often holds its value better than more official Aturan coin. This is unsurprising, really. As Atur has a proud history of debasing its coinage, while the penance piece can always be exchanged for a small loaf of bread anywhere in Atur, and in many of the nearby towns as well.

While only a fool would hand control of the nation’s currency over to the church, the fact remains that the Tehlins have succeeded where the government of Atur has failed so frequently. The size and composition of penance bread, sometimes called a Piner’s Loaf or Bregan Bread, is regulated by the Tehlin Church, and they deal harshly with anyone giving short measure or debasing flour.

One is forced to wonder what might happen if all governments gave thought to the bellies of their citizens, and focused on the free-grown gold of fields of wheat, rather than the cold and lifeless stuff the grasping Cealdim cling to.”

-Tilden Andara, Historian
The Road of Gold and Iron

Coin artwork by Nate Taylor, approved by Patrick Rothfuss, engraving by Woody Maringer. Learn more about our artists.

Officially licensed The Kingkiller Chronicle merchandise © Elodin Enterprises. All rights reserved. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ryan B.
Great piece for fan of books!

Got for a co-worker who’s a big fan of the book. This piece didn’t feature in the book as much as the Iron Drab does. But still a nice addition. Great piece!


SPM'S details work is fully evident in this piece. The teardrop shape is a novel form to use for a coin, and I love it.

Jason H.
Nicely designed coin of a different kind

Another beautiful, detailed piece from SPM. They show that attractive fantasy coins come in all shapes and sizes.

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