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Tooth Fairy's DELUXE Kit with 20 Bronze Coins

Sale price$182.80

A robust calcium trade benefits all Toothdom!

More steady in value than human money, the Bank of Tooth has a time-fixed 1:1 tooth-to-coin valuing system.

The Fairy Tooth Exchange (FTE) is the Fairy Land Bank of Tooth’s main hub, existing concurrently and not at all, which makes trade and commerce a tricky business. Because traditional postage methods combust at the threshold of our dimension, your kit is equipped with fairy-dusted postage stamps that our sole Earth-based distributor, Shire Post Mint, has received and made available for global [H. SAPIENS] adapted use. Inter-dimensional portal transit use is strictly controlled by The Ministry of Teeth’s Prime Minister of Tooth.

Due to the nature of this pilot program, fairy-to-human training cannot be provided in person.

DELUXE Kit Contents

  • An instructional booklet with Toothsters Union Member Affiliate Certificate
  • 20 tiny bronze coins (each weigh 0.72 grams and are .36"/9.2mm in diameter)
  • 40 tiny envelopes for trading teeth for coins
  • 20 even smaller letters from the tooth fairy
  • 40 gum paper perforated stamps for incoming and outgoing teeth and coins
  • Cloth bag and box for holding the kit and collected teeth

Coin design by Woody and Helen Maringer. One side of the coin is a classic depiction of a molar, the other proclaims "Tooth Fee" in the runes of Elder Futhark and Dente Nvmisma, Latin for "Tooth Coin", surrounding the initials of the esteemed Tooth Fairy position. Learn more about our artists.

 Teeth not included.

Tooth Fairy Coins set of 20 | Shire Post Mint

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Beavers a.B.F.D.
So fun!

I work at a dental office and we purchased the deluxe kit as part of a promotional giveaway we did for our patients. The amount of care and detail that went into this kit is unreal! Such a fun way to celebrate a big milestone in a kiddo's life!

Scott W.
Awesome gift from r a nw grandbaby!

I am looking forward to seeing my grandson get these as he loses his teeth, and see his eyes light up!

Scott W.
Tooth fairy

This is an amazing item. My grandson will love this. Such a great idea. Thank you for all your innovative products!

Tooth Fairy Coin Kit | Shire Post Mint
Tooth Fairy's DELUXE Kit with 20 Bronze Coins Sale price$182.80