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A Unique Spinner.

Perfectly balanced on a silicon nitride ceramic contact point for maximum spin times, the hard ceramic point is swaged in place and permanently attached. Softer spin points will wear and flatten, eventually reducing spin times. We’ve consistently achieved an average spin time of around four minutes and thirty seconds for this top. The spinner is bent slightly concave for easier spinning and to clear most spin stations.


  • Solid copper, 51 grams

  • 2¾ inches from California to Maine, ⅛ inch thick
  • Hard ceramic spin point 

The USA Continental Spinner has been finished with an even, weathered finish so scuffing and scratches won’t show if you choose to add it to your everyday carry and keep it in your pocket or bag.




Spinner design by Woody Maringer. Learn more about our artists.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A Better Kind of Spin

Too much in our great nation is spun these days for this aim or that. This little copper nation just spins. Delightfully and consistently, it simply spins until it wobbles to a stop with a pleasant coppery clink. If you don't think you'll want to keep it, then buy it as a gift to send to a friend in another country. It will remind them that you're here in this lustrous, young nation..

Jim P.

It's a great conversation piece

John B.
Etsy Review

I was surprised by how well it spins: without any previous experience, I was able to spin it for almost two minutes on a wooden surface. Beautifully crafted!

Brian J.
Etsy Review

very nice and unusual spinning top. spins very well

USA Continental Spinner
USA Continental Spinner Sale price$47.96 Regular price$54.81